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Thinking about the Entire Customer Experience

Move beyond your point of sale  The global payments industry is flourishing, non-cash transactions volumes grew to reach more than 433.1 billion transactions, according to the 2017 World Payments Report. Yet the industry has optimized electronic payments facilitation for credit, debit, and prepaid accounts during the past 30 years to the point that such facilitation — […]

What Do Merchants Really Want?

Taking a look at merchants today Omnichannel shopping, expanding payment options, and increased security concerns are creating a significant amount of operational complexity for merchants. The Strategy& Consumer Payments Survey, conducted with the Electronic Transactions Association, results indicate that merchants are well aware of this issue. When asked to identify the most critical industry trends, […]

Data is the “New Oil”


In 2018, FinTech has exploded. According to CB Insights in the first quarter of 2018, fintech funding hit $5.4 billion – a 68% increase compared to the same period in 2017. Consumers now feel more encouraged to trust their money and data to 3rd party companies over traditional financial institutions. As the funding is ripe […]

Cashless payments need more than NFC for global success

Between Alipay, Wechat Pay and other insert-company-name-here-plus-Pay solutions, it seems like many cashless payment apps are copy-paste efforts. It’s not just the naming convention that gets copied, as the actual payments process is similar across the board. When it comes to point of sale payments, in particular, they all harness NFC technology, allowing you to […]

Agency Banking is Bringing Financial Inclusion to the World

A new era of inclusion is here  According to a report by The World Bank, an estimated 2 billion adults worldwide don’t have a basic banking account. Governments across the world are focusing on expediting financial inclusion to eradicate poverty and provide economic stability to all. However, 59% of unbanked adults cite unavailability of affordable […]

Is Supply Chain Finance the Next Step for SMEs in Emerging Markets?

What is supply chain finance? Supply chain finance (SCF) is another way to improve an SME’s working capital situation. In contrast to invoice finance, which usually does not rely on the cooperation of the receivables counterparty, supply chain finance is typically initiated by the buyer. Traditional supply chain finance involves a high degree of cooperation […]

The Case for Cashless

Cashless Merchants

With brick and mortar retailers increasingly getting their lunch eaten by e-commerce, blockchain looming and cryptocurrencies in the news daily, change has become the new normal for businesses globally. Cashless payments are becoming the new norm across Asia and Africa, and SMEs, merchants and others have to follow suit or get left behind by consumers. […]