Monthly Archives: November 2018

Merchant Experience: Creating real value

Customer experience, or as it’s more commonly known these days, “CX”, has been a hot payments trend for the last couple of years. Major banks, acquirers, card providers, and other payments organizations are scrambling to cater to the end-consumer – the customer who will actually be paying the merchant. Questions about how to offer more […]

Payments Experience: How Providers can Enhance the Experience

When it comes to making payments, consumers care about the experience. They use person-to-person payments because it’s fast and convenient. They’d be more likely to sign up for auto-pay if they could do it online. They like mobile banking and they are interested in a variety of improvements that provide faster access to information and […]

What the heck is a Mobile Wallet ?

A mobile wallet is a digital wallet that stores financial information and card data on a mobile device. These wallets can be used as a convenient way for a user to make in-store and online payments. In an increasingly tech-savvy era, we can expect to see the majority of payments moving towards cashless transactions. Using […]