Monthly Archives: November 2020

Embracing Digital Wallets 2.0

For years mobile wallet providers have gone to market with a limited feature set and focused on onboarding new accounts and not transactions and merchant payments. Mobile wallet providers and MNOs have built strong momentum across the globe with over 1 billion registered mobile money users. The initial use case of payments and a digital […]

MNO’s and eMoney wallet providers need to acquire and manage merchants

Is there sufficient focus on merchant payments across developing and developed markets to make cashless economies a reality? With over 1bn registered mobile money users in 95 countries, mobile money operators and MNO’s, have a substantial addressable market. Why is it then that cash is still king in these countries, and people with these wallets […]

MNO Mobile Money Wallets are struggling to remain relevant

Mobile money has driven financial inclusion with over 1bn mobile money accounts in 95 countries processing over $1.9bn worth of transactions daily. Consumers and SME’s are familiar with the benefits that mobile money provides, but they want more from their service providers. The time has come for the MNO’s to look at what the digital […]

Why smart financial service providers are using the Cloud

With multiple banks and payment service providers (PSP’s) breaking from the tradition of owning their platforms in favor of implementing these services into their secure data centers, the cloud is now driving transformation, culture, and new digital and value-added services into the market quicker than ever before. Banks and large PSP’s need to embrace the […]

Discover the future of digital banking

Youtap is a trusted partner to deliver highly scalable real-time Digital Banking, Digital Payments, and Digital Commerce platforms and solutions. These platforms and solutions provide banks, mobile network operators, payment service providers, and retail conglomerates with a full set of cloud-delivered or on-premise tools and applications that can be white-labelled and taken to market quickly […]

Part 3: Digital Banking Applications is live!

Part 3 of our of 4 Part Series “What is a Digital Bank?” is officially live! In Part 3 of the series, our expert Digital Banking team take you through the different applications and use cases in Digital Banking. Digital Banks make their applications relevant; they address a particular market or aim to provide their […]

QR Code Payments 101 with Youtap

China has utilized QR codes to send and receive payments since early 2010. 100% of the Chinese population now use them. QR (Quick Response) codes are facilitating retail payments. They were initially established as a tool for tracking automobile machine parts. Digital wallets have accelerated the rise of QR codes in payments as part of […]