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2021 – the year of QR Codes and Merchant Payment

According to the GSMA, world digital payment transaction values are expected to hit 4.4 trillion USD in 2020, with another 17% continuous growth (CAGR) forecasted through 2024. With explosive annual growth and traction, it is no wonder that more and more organizations like MNOs, Banks, and other financial services providers are looking to Apps, QR […]

Are you shooting in the dark? – Measuring Success in Digital Banking

You have done the hard yards. You have created a digital banking strategy and selected a digital banking partner. But now, you need to measure the success of your initiative. One of the key benefits of digital banking is the increased influx of data on customers and their behavior. Many leading organizations worldwide now live […]

Embracing Digital Wallets 2.0

For years mobile wallet providers have gone to market with a limited feature set and focused on onboarding new accounts and not transactions and merchant payments. Mobile wallet providers and MNOs have built strong momentum across the globe with over 1 billion registered mobile money users. The initial use case of payments and a digital […]

Discover the future of digital banking

Youtap is a trusted partner to deliver highly scalable real-time Digital Banking, Digital Payments, and Digital Commerce platforms and solutions. These platforms and solutions provide banks, mobile network operators, payment service providers, and retail conglomerates with a full set of cloud-delivered or on-premise tools and applications that can be white-labelled and taken to market quickly […]

Part 3: Digital Banking Applications is live!

Part 3 of our of 4 Part Series “What is a Digital Bank?” is officially live! In Part 3 of the series, our expert Digital Banking team take you through the different applications and use cases in Digital Banking. Digital Banks make their applications relevant; they address a particular market or aim to provide their […]

Case Study – McDonald’s Indonesia

Background 2020 has been a year of global disruption – that none of us was truly prepared for. Phrases like ‘the new normal’ and ‘lockdown’ entered our vocabularies and are now used on a daily basis. In Indonesia, this disruption to life as we knew it has been particularly tough. Lockdowns and social distancing have […]

Is it time to upgrade your core banking system?

Is your traditional core banking system delivering what you really need? A core banking system can be defined as a back-end system that processes daily banking transactions and posts updates to accounts and other financial records. A typical core banking system would include deposit, loan and credit processing capabilities, which interface with general ledger systems […]

Are Digital Wallets all about payments?

Banks and Payment Service Providers (PSP) need to be thinking about their digital wallet strategy. Don’t be fooled, there is more than meets the eye with the Digital Wallet. There is a misconception that digital wallets are all about payments. We can all be complacent and think that our customers are happy because they have […]

Jakarta Post: Youtap Indonesia users increase 5x

Youtap Indonesia reported that it had seen a five-times increase in users and a 4.5-times increase in transactions from June to September. “The rise in users and transactions is due to the change in the behaviour of consumers, who prefer deliveries and cashless payment during the pandemic,” Herman Suharto, CEO – Youtap Indonesia The company’s […]

Replacing your Traditional Banking Core with a Digital Wallet

October 2020 According to Forrester’s Global Financial Services Architecture Survey Q3 2019, nearly 80% of banks say they don’t have the technology required to provide a great customer experience.  Forrester suggested looking to digital banking platform architecture providers to provide support for rapid change and continuous transformation. Traditional core banking switches have provided a secure […]