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2021 – the year of QR Codes and Merchant Payment

According to the GSMA, world digital payment transaction values are expected to hit 4.4 trillion USD in 2020, with another 17% continuous growth (CAGR) forecasted through 2024. With explosive annual growth and traction, it is no wonder that more and more organizations like MNOs, Banks, and other financial services providers are looking to Apps, QR […]

Banking 1.0 vs. Digital Banking 4.0

Online banking or Banking 1.0 is a service provided by your bank that allows the bank’s customers to carry out basic banking transactions over the internet—users log in through the banks’ website. Simply put, mobile banking is online banking carried out on a mobile device. Most banks are still in the world of Banking 1.0 […]

Are you shooting in the dark? – Measuring Success in Digital Banking

You have done the hard yards. You have created a digital banking strategy and selected a digital banking partner. But now, you need to measure the success of your initiative. One of the key benefits of digital banking is the increased influx of data on customers and their behavior. Many leading organizations worldwide now live […]

White-label Digital Banking and Finance Applications – its the smart move

If 2020 has taught us anything, businesses need to be lighter and faster and think and act on their feet. Their employees and customers have gone digital and expect that Apps will provide them with the ability to launch new services to keep them connected. Building great applications starts with the use case, the user […]

Android POS terminals are merchant game-changers!

So, you’re in the market for a new POS terminal, or your existing vendor has approached you to renew your contract. Your shop counter is a mess, cluttered with your existing payment terminal, your scanner, your retail system, your store management software, your payment software. Finally, your scanning software all serviced through a growing list […]

Banks Closing Branches Globally – Digital Agency Banking is the pathway forward

Banks globally are closing thousands of branches each year. COVID or no COVID, the pandemic has been a catalyst for many banks to rethink their branch networks due to less foot traffic and the rising costs of maintaining a branch network. Digital Agency Banking is a way to reach new and existing customers through branchless […]

Embracing Digital Wallets 2.0

For years mobile wallet providers have gone to market with a limited feature set and focused on onboarding new accounts and not transactions and merchant payments. Mobile wallet providers and MNOs have built strong momentum across the globe with over 1 billion registered mobile money users. The initial use case of payments and a digital […]

MNO’s and eMoney wallet providers need to acquire and manage merchants

Is there sufficient focus on merchant payments across developing and developed markets to make cashless economies a reality? With over 1bn registered mobile money users in 95 countries, mobile money operators and MNO’s, have a substantial addressable market. Why is it then that cash is still king in these countries, and people with these wallets […]

Why smart financial service providers are using the Cloud

With multiple banks and payment service providers (PSP’s) breaking from the tradition of owning their platforms in favor of implementing these services into their secure data centers, the cloud is now driving transformation, culture, and new digital and value-added services into the market quicker than ever before. Banks and large PSP’s need to embrace the […]

Discover the future of digital banking

Youtap is a trusted partner to deliver highly scalable real-time Digital Banking, Digital Payments, and Digital Commerce platforms and solutions. These platforms and solutions provide banks, mobile network operators, payment service providers, and retail conglomerates with a full set of cloud-delivered or on-premise tools and applications that can be white-labelled and taken to market quickly […]