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eMoney vs. Dirty Cash

We are seeing more media articles in South East Asia focusing on the impact of Covid-19 on the exchange of physical money. Contactless payments via NFC and QR codes have grown exponentially, and this has influenced the merchant and consumers not to accept “dirty cash” that may pass on germs. Governments in South East Asia […]

MNO Wallets v eMoney Wallets

For anyone considering launching eWallet services, there is a need to understand mobile money regulations’ nuances for mobile operators vs. eMoney regulations’. An interesting article recently published in highlighted the differences in Mobile Money regulations for Mobile Network Operators and eMoney for Banks and payment service providers. Of particular interest was : 40 eWallet […]

Digital Wallets vs Mobile Banking, are they the gateway to your Digital Bank

When banks think of the term Digital Wallet, they automatically refer to ApplePay or GooglePay, or a method of digitally storing a credit card on a mobile phone to make payments. When a bank thinks of mobile banking, they think of a branded downloadable application that mirrors the internet banking experience. When a Digital bank […]

Self-onboarding the gateway to Digital Banking

According to a recent survey by Deloitte* 38% of customers see user experience as the most critical factor when selecting a digital bank. Up to 71% of those surveyed said that digital onboarding was preferred for opening an account. The current onboarding process including KYC or AML is cumbersome, requiring the presentation of physical documentation […]

KPI’s for eMoney Wallets

In earlier blogs we covered measuring success in Digital Banking. We listed the various KPI’s to illustrate the key indicators of traction. We will revisit this frequently to emphasize the need to understand the importance and impact of eMoney Wallets on traditional financial services. The key questions are: How well is my internet banking service […]

eMoney Wallets and the Challenge for Retail Banks

In our daily engagement with banks, we are experiencing the various banks’ confusion and concern over the lack of growth of their generic online banking, internet banking, and mobile banking. They have anxiety and fear, and some commentators have said banks are like “a deer in the headlights.” The expression denotes ‘so stunned or surprised […]

Merchant eMoney wallet drivers

As demand for Consumer Payment Apps and the use of eMoney grows, merchants need to become digital. A typical merchant faces the prospect of downloading multiple consumer payment apps to accept consumer eWallet & eMoney payments. A typical merchant should be able to download from the Play Store or App Store a specific Merchant App […]

Innovative Merchant eMoney Wallet and Tablet Solution in Indonesia

Despite COVID-19, Youtap’s growing Merchant base in Indonesia is enjoying the ability to accept contactless payments. Youtap’s Merchant Acceptance footprint extends countrywide to over 435 cities and towns. Youtap’s Merchant Wallet App is available for download from Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore. Consumers (eMoney users) are snapping QR codes (generated by Youtap Merchant Wallet App) […]

Cash out of eMoney Wallets

Youtap are demystifying the use of eMoney wallets and an important use case is “cash out” – i.e. how do I cash out of my wallet? Here are the options: Cash-out methods At agent – general flow Example flow: Agents enters cash-out amount Agent takes payment from customer wallet (such as by scanning the consumer’s […]

Key Definitions for E-Money, E-Wallets, and Mobile Money

Financial services are being transformed. Fuelled by the proliferation of smartphones and connectivity globally. We know that keeping up with this transformation can be confusing. So this is why we are sharing key definitions for some of the terms being used daily and in the right context. E-money:Electronically stored, government-issued monetary value. For clarity Youtap, […]