Embed banking in your customers everyday lives

When a challenger bank sets out to build a bank, do they start with traditional core banking or do they start with the Customer?

Your customers finances in one place

  • Online account opening and eKYC (Know your Customer)
  • Multiple account management (Everyday, Savings, Lending and Term deposits), reporting and analytics
  • In-App in-store and online payments
  • In-App bill payment and mobile top-up
  • In-App lending and approval
  • In-App virtual and physical Visa or MasterCard provisioning and management
  • In-App rewards and cash-backs


  • Online business account opening with eKYC for business
  • Multiple business account management including multi-currency support
  • Corporate card issuing and management
  • White-label business banking application
  • Corporate bill payment with bulk payment
  • Small business lending
  • Corporate reporting and analytics

The complete solution for money management

The Only White-label App for Business and COnsumer Customers

Finance Central

  • The White-label banking App for progressive banks
  • One App for customers to spend, borrow, save and be rewarded
  • One App for spend management and analytics
  • One App to collaborate with their colleagues and friends

A card that your customers control

Virtual and Physcial Cards

The card with all the benefits and fees that you control

  • Control card settings with ease through the White-label banking Apps
  • Easily configured through the consumer or business banking App
  • Integrated rewards and cash backs when your customers spend

Skin the App to match your go to market

Focus on Your CUstomers Requirements not the Technology

Launch your service in weeks, not months

  • Brand with your logos and colors
  • Customize the business and consumer features and functionality from our palette of use case driven features
  • Launch and grow

Financial Management Tools

Integrated Value Added Financial Services

  • Bill splitting and person to person money transfer
  • Send and receive remittances
  • Categorize expenditure with AI to enable customers to make the right financial decisions

You take control of your service

Fees and charges

  • You set the fees and charges
  • Granular charging enabling you to create the service that will generate ROI, while also ensuring your customers are not penalized
  • Reports that enables you to manage your service including settlement reports, regulatory reports and AML/CFT reporting

Detailed Analytics and Reporting

AI, Big Data and Analytics

  • No what your customers are doing with their money
  • No where they spend, how much they spend and on what
  • Use this data to target your customers with advanced financial services including term deposits, lending and insurance

Retail applications used by thousands of Retailers Globally

White-label Applications for Retail Merchants (the market segment often left to the likes of Square, Vend and others)

  • Supply chain and Inventory management
  • Sales management with integrated payments (Contactless, QR code, eMoney and POS)
  • Loyalty and rewards, analytics and reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the solution cloud-based?

A. Yes, all of Youtap’s solutions are cloud-based.  We typically deploy through AWS.  This reduces the time to market and cost of deployment.

Q. What does Youtap's White-label Digital Banking solution provide?

A. Youtap’s White-label solution is based on its OneCore Digital Banking platform. The solution enables a new or existing bank or financial institution to take the white-label applications and portals and skin them with their designs, colors, and brand. The administration portal allows users to manage the features and functionality presented to the customer through their application.

Q. Why choose OneCore Digital Banking and Digital Wallet Solution?

A. OneCore is the only Digital banking core solution that provides all the services you need to launch a digital bank. From card management and issuing, payment processing, account management, security, AML/CFT, and fraud management white-label applications for consumers, business, and retail. It integrates with your existing core banking solution and reutilizes your current investment in technology. It’s a one-stop digital banking solution.
Youtap provides White-label Digital Wallet applications. Why a Digital wallet? The digital wallet is a digital replacement for the wallet in your pocket. It is the central point for customers to apply for an account, onboard themselves, and then use this wallet to perform all of the financial services that matter in their lives.

Q. Who are Youtap's customers?

A. Youtap works with existing banks, new challenger banks, remittance companies, and financial service providers. We provide these customers with the best-in-class financial services technology based on leading-edge cloud-based software.

Q. Does Youtap have a solution for retailers, agents and merchants?

A. Youtap provides retailers globally with the full suite of retail applications they need to sell, supply, and manage their stores. This solution enables our customers to offer software and applications usually the domain of large ERP providers such as Square, Vend, and others.

Q. Can I integrate this solution with other platforms I already have?

A. Youtap’s platform can be deployed as a standalone platform; it also provides APIs for integrating third-party core banking solutions, payment solutions, reporting solutions, and much more.

Get your Digital Bank underway today!