We are helping existing banks of all sizes transform digitally. We provide the tools and applications required to launch a complete digital banking and virtual wallet solution. We integrate through APIs to your existing banking core or can replace an outdated old platform.

Our One-Core platform makes it easy to launch a complete suite of digital banking, agency banking, and value-added services, including digital banking applications for consumers, small businesses, and retail merchants. Payment processing, point of sale, and loyalty and rewards. Card processing and card management. This complete solution replaces the need to acquire multiple point solutions and provides your bank with a single, easy, and cost-effective cloud-delivered solution.

Digital Banking

For existing banks wanting to launch a digital banking service, One-Core provides the applications and services your bank needs to launch this service. Our White-Label digital wallet applications for consumers, small businesses, and retail merchants offer these customers powerful tools to manage their lives, businesses, and retail stores.

Agency Banking

In the world of working from home and living online, the requirements for customers to visit bank branches are disappearing. Agency banking enables your business partners and retailers to act as your eyes and ears on the ground. We provide a complete set of applications and services to launch agency banking while also transforming and streamlining your bank.

Value Added Services

One-Core has a range of value-added services enabled through our administrator portal. These services include payment processing, retail point of sale applications, loyalty and rewards, data insights, and card management.

Our solutions

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