OneCore – Digital Banking out of the Box

Our OneCore digital bank in a box enables you to launch your digital bank with a single-core solution. All the software, modules, and applications you need to brand and launch your new bank.

Whether you are an existing bank, financial service provider, airline, community, or an entrepreneur, launching a new digital bank has never been more accessible.

Once you have navigated your way through regulation and licensing, the last thing you need is the headache of navigating the technology options for Core banking only to find you bought a bunch of APIs and now need to purchase all the additional platforms and services you require to launch.


One-Core provides you with:

  • White-label consumer, small business and retailer applications 
  • Integrated payment processing, card management and issuing
  • Domestic and International Remittance management
  • Lending and financial services management
  • Retail point of sale, eCommerce and payment processing
  • Loyalty and rewards
  • Data analytics and reporting
  • Portals for customer and administration management
  • and much more

With One-Core you can forget the technology and concentrate on your brand and go to market, we will take care of the rest.

Build your digital bank

Become a digital-only bank. Brand, acquire, process and manage customers without a physical presence with our frictionless banking solution. Integrate with your existing core banking and differentiate your offering from the rest. Create your own business and consumer ecosystem.

Financial service providers

Whether you’re a lender, a deposit taker, an insurance company, eMoney issuer, or a remitter, taking the next step to be a digital bank has never been easier. We have the experience and the solutions to help you launch your new digital bank.

Retailers and Conglomerates

The opportunity to launch a digital bank is now. With large bases of loyal customers, the trust is there. We have provided large retailers and conglomerates with the applications and tools they need to launch their digital bank.

Community banks, the Underserved and Entrepreneurs 

Community groups, organizations focused on the underserved, and Entrepreneurs are taking advantage of open banking to negotiate a banking license to offer targeted banking and services to their communities. Our solutions enable these groups to brand, customize and launch a new cost-effective digital bank.

Existing banks

Many large banks are transforming through online digital banks. We provide these existing banks with the ability to create and target online digital banks targeting specific demographics, communities, and opportunities. Our white-label solution enables your to cost-effectively brand and deploy your digital bank with a separate One-Core digital banking solution.

Our solutions

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