Capture the digital native, enable self-service digital banking

You have a core banking solution and multiple point solutions connected to your core. Still, you struggle to capture the growing demand of consumer and business customers for self-service applications.

You have streamlined your bank, closed branches, and implemented new versions of mobile banking, but still, your customers ring the contact center and complain that it is difficult to deal with your bank. Their complaints include difficulty opening accounts, adding new services, applying for credit, understanding transactions they made weeks ago, transferring funds, getting foreign currency, and the list goes on.

Is it time to revisit your service offering? Digital Banking has many definitions. Many new and existing banks globally implement various solutions, from updates to their mobile banking apps to moving to an entirely new digital banking solution plugged into their current core or as a stand-alone service.

Consolidation of point solutions and implementing a purpose-built digital banking solution can significantly benefit the bank. A solution that enables the bank to innovate at the edge. A solution with white-label digital banking applications designed for consumer and business, electronic know your customer for account opening, real-time payment, transaction processing, and value-added applications loyalty and rewards, data insights, and much more.

Digital Banking to Youtap means embedding the technology in everyday life, in your back pocket, replacing your internet banking application with a digital wallet. Eliminating traditional banking applications’ friction, delivering a feature rich experience that integrates your customers’ social, financial, and everyday life.

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