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Youtap is a trusted partner to deliver highly scalable real-time Digital Banking, Digital Payments, and Digital Commerce platforms and solutions.

These platforms and solutions provide banks, mobile network operators, payment service providers, and retail conglomerates with a full set of cloud-delivered or on-premise tools and applications that can be white-labelled and taken to market quickly to address your requirements. Youtap is a market leader in cloud delivery, with 90% of its customers opting for a cloud solution.

Youtap’s customers include some of the world’s largest banks, e-Payment, mobile network operators, and retailers.

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All of Youtap’s solutions are delivered to your specifications, including intuitive white-labelled mobile apps and our core software platform. Our software and architecture is modular and can complement your existing systems and processes.

Digital Banking

An open banking toolset for forward-thinking banks and financial institutions.

Solve your bank’s digitalisation challenges and get to market quickly. We offer MSMEs and new customers better user experiences through our modular architecture, simple API integrations, and easily customizable interfaces.

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Payment Processing

An all-in-one, secure digital payment processing platform built for innovation and used across multiple industries.

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Digital Commerce

Seamless checkout experiences begin with unique point-of-sale technology.

Youtap’s powerful and versatile POS solutions deliver next-generation business tools to the mass market – the new modern merchants.

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