White-label Digital Banking and Finance Applications – its the smart move

If 2020 has taught us anything, businesses need to be lighter and faster and think and act on their feet. Their employees and customers have gone digital and expect that Apps will provide them with the ability to launch new services to keep them connected.

Building great applications starts with the use case, the user experience, and then the technology, not to mention selecting a supplier, the requirement for capital approval, and time for implementation.

White label applications are a great way to launch a full suite of branded applications, purpose-built with a customizable user experience, extensive feature set, and a small investment, allowing a business to launch in the shortest possible time.

At Youtap, we offer a variety of white-label solutions, providing banks, MNO’s, retail conglomerates, and e-Money providers with the ability to brand and launch our extensive feature set of business and consumer financial services applications quickly.

What sets Youtap’s white label solution from others in the market is that we leverage our well-designed frontends and apps with powerful backend processing to create a best-in-class application allowing organizations to focus solely on controlling the brand and boosting profits.

Youtap’s fully managed white label solution includes a feature-rich digital wallet with digital banking options, retail point of sale, payment, loyalty and rewards, micro-finance, e-Money processing, and companion debit cards. We have a range of pre-defined use cases with documented go-to-market and support processes.

Our world-class clients in Financial Services, Telecommunications, and Retail have already reaped the benefits and rewards mentioned above.

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