Why you need to upgrade from a Mobile Wallet to a Digital Wallet

So your mobile wallet lives on your customers phone and allows them to ‘tap and pay’ in stores.

Big deal, they want more!

A digital wallet will allow you to not only give your consumer ease, convenience and freedom – but also for you as a bank to begin a meaningful relationship with them as a trusted advisor, rather than merely a service provider.

It’s all about the App.

Once your solution is downloaded from AppStore or Playstore you then become the master of information on your consumers. You can provide them insights and data, special offers, upsizing, incentivizing and ensuring you have the competitive advantage over those supported only by USSD.

Differentiate yourself by improving the wide-ranging financial well-being of your customers.

If you’re interested in staying relevant and moving your customers onto a digital wallet, Youtap! can help.

Our Digital Banking white-label apps and software platform are currently being deployed by forward-thinking banks.

In addition to our white label apps, our open-banking toolset for progressive businesses offers: Multi-account platform, E-money wallets, eKYC, AI, Credit Assessment, P2P Transfers, Mobile Banking, Agent Banking, Online Banking, Merchant Payments, Mobile Utility Payments & Disbursements.

We can also complement your core banking systems with integration to our high throughput & real-time agility and low-touch open banking approach.

The market leading banks of the future will appreciate technology does not limit possibility. Rather, they will embrace digital capability and put the customer in control of their journey. They will see the value in transforming alongside their current and developing base.

To learn more about how Youtap! can move you closer to being in a place of truly digital banking get in contact today.

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