A better way to pay at the wet market

Youtap’s contactless payments platforms bring solutions to vendors in Bintaro, Indonesia

At the wet market in Bintaro, Indonesia, chicken, fish and fruit vendors are getting on board with Telkomsel’s TCASH Tap payment method. This solution, developed by Youtap, allows TCASH mobile money users to ‘tap and pay’ right at the point of sale. Cashless transactions help market vendors because they shorten wait times for customers and eliminate the problem of giving small change.

Going cashless is a lot less messy and cumbersome – especially when the product is food. With Youtap’s technology, the mobile money user can simply ‘tap’ his or her mobile phone on a POS terminal or on the merchant’s smartphone. Mobile money can be accepted by small business owners just as easily as it can by large retailers and transport companies. Youtap’s solutions can be used with all kinds of payment acceptance devices – from existing POS terminals to mPOS, Smart POS, and even mobile apps. With an easy way to pay, mobile money users can store funds in their mobile money wallets and eliminate the cash-out step. And market vendors can focus on what they do best – selling their products.


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