Android POS terminals are merchant game-changers!

So, you’re in the market for a new POS terminal, or your existing vendor has approached you to renew your contract.

Your shop counter is a mess, cluttered with your existing payment terminal, your scanner, your retail system, your store management software, your payment software. Finally, your scanning software all serviced through a growing list of suppliers and costing you a fortune? Is there a way out of this mess?

You think that with the introduction of Android POS terminals, you might start to see feature-rich applications designed to centralize all of this mess and take the cost and hassle away from you. Well, we have news for you. Many POS vendors have taken the old payment applications and re-engineered them for Android and continue to offer them under your old contract and at the same price.

So, what about all those Apps? And what are the benefits of an Android POS terminal, and why should you upgrade?

Hundreds of millions of devices globally run Android software. Thousands of apps designed for retailers reside in the Google PlayStore. These include retail POS apps, payment apps, loyalty, and reporting apps. Apps that centralize all the functions of retail into a single easy to use interface.

Youtap has thousands of Android devices running its Android-based merchant applications. We work with the world’s foremost suppliers of Android terminals to transform these terminals into powerful retail devices that integrate all of the vital merchant features into a single secure and tokenized Super App. Youtap provides stock and supply chain management, customer management, loyalty and rewards, scanning, and payment acceptance for merchants. For banks, we extend this functionality to provide key cash management features for agency banking — one Super App with multiple use cases.

The transition to Android is simple; the user experience is worth every cent. However, the device is only as good as the applications, and if that application is only accepting payments, you are being short-changed.

Android POS is a game-changer but before you upgrade to that Android POS, ask your vendor what value add you are getting with this new Android POS – then talk to us.

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