Three ways to speed up NFC transactions

For mobile money providers that want to increase transaction revenue through NFC payments, the top priority should be creating a great user experience. Unless it’s quick and easy to Tap and Pay, nothing else matters. Tap and Pay transactions should take seconds, not minutes. They should be faster than using cash – for agents, merchants and subscribers. If your NFC user experience isn’t ideal, how can you improve it?

  • Remove the merchant unlock PIN for payments, and set “Enter amount” as the default screen on point-of-sale devices. This way, the terminal is always transaction-ready. The terminal is equally secure; the merchant can’t lose money.
  • Say “goodbye” to USSD and “hello” to PIN on POS. Point of sale transactions that still involve USSD are slower and less reliable. Switch to a system in which customers tap to pay, then enter their PIN on the point-of-sale terminal. This speeds up the transaction, reduces errors, and means customers can still use NFC to pay when their phone battery is flat.
  • Enable PIN-less transactions for small amounts. Requiring a customer PIN offers peace of mind. However, for low-value transactions, this step may be unnecessary. Consider enabling PIN-less transactions for low-value amounts. Both merchants and customers will benefit from the convenience. Customers can control what their maximum PIN-less amount is, or disable the feature completely.
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