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The payments industry is evolving at a breakneck pace. The old ways of transacting are shifting from cash to cashless, from manual to automated. To try and get some perspective and get ahead of the curve, Tearsheet gathered some of the leading minds in the global payments industry to share their unique perspectives on what lays ahead going into 2019.

In an industry which is innovating faster than at any time in history our CEO and Founder, Chris Jones was asked for his thoughts on what he thinks 2019 has in store for the sector. Chris, an industry thought leader, drew on his experience delivering cutting-edge solutions for the biggest players in the most hotly contested and innovative markets for his response. Check out the response below:

“As countries try to reduce the use of cash, in particular in Southeast Asia, we believe that the emphasis on consumers first is limiting the uptake of services. It’s time to focus further upstream on merchants. Developing data infrastructure to ensure merchant success will be the biggest trend for payments. Rewards, interoperability, and supply chain savings will be the key drivers which incentivize merchants to go digital and ensure payment ecosystem success in 2019.”
– Chris Jones, Founder & CEO, Youtap

You can check out the full article and the rest of the expert perspectives on the Tearsheet website here.

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