Three common QR Code myths debunked

As a product manager, you may have come up against some common misconceptions around QR Codes. In this blog, we aim to debunk three myths which could be standing in the way of winning new merchants, consumers and revenue. Myth # 1: QR Codes just represent a URL In the...

Market opportunities in mobile money: Senegal

With only 15% of Senegal’s adults with access to a traditional bank account, the country has a long way to go before it reaches full financial inclusion. However Senegal is widely regarded as an innovation leader in Africa, so there is an existing robust FinTech...

Why don’t small business owners accept digital payments?

Rob Hood Merchant Strategy Manager According to the World Bank, there are around 400 million small and medium-sized enterprises worldwide. In emerging markets, as many as 70% of those businesses have no access to credit, because they only accept cash and cannot...