Youtap’s Digital Banking Platform is our cloud-based micro-services platform. You can select and launch a range of digital banking, digital payment, retail point of sale, and micro-finance applications.

The solution provides you with all of the modules and applications you require integrated into your core banking or stand-alone, and the security, availability, and real-time transaction throughput you need.

We provide you with unlimited vertical integrations through well-defined APIs into your existing back-end systems or third-party service providers.

With our migration tools, it makes it simple to migrate data from existing platforms; we take the pain out of launching your new service so you can focus on the go-to-market.

Our multiple application platform enables:

  • A retail conglomerate to deploy Retail POS, ePayment, and traditional payment processing and upgrade to digital banking or
  • A New bank or FSP to deploy some or all of the full suite of digital banking, payment processing applications, or
  • An existing bank to add digital banking, payment processing, or value-added applications integrated to their current core.

Digital Onboarding

Digital Payments

Card Management

Digital Banking Applications

Retailer POS Applications

Insights & Portals (CMS & admin management)

Rewards & Loyalty

Youtap Digital Banking Platform


  • Core banking
  • Card providers
  • POS Terminals
  • Remittance providers
  • API providers
  • ACH processors

A real-time payment aggregation, processing, and settlement account software platform enabling the client’s selected use cases. The solution provides a full suite of integrated applications, fraud control, blacklisting, whitelisting, AML and APIs to integrate existing core banking or third-party platforms. The solution is a mobilized architecture with modules switched on or off based on requirements.

A single digital banking core and includes all the critical modules. Modules include account management for Consumer and Business Banking, security and fraud management, card issuing and payment processing, lending and micro-finance management, product creation and management, loyalty and rewards, reporting, and the white-label applications your bank requires when launching a digital banking service.

Our dedicated loyalty server manages assignment and acceptance of promotions, discounts, cash-backs and points for merchants and consumers. Time of day, time of week, one-off, recurring, random, single-use, multi-use promotions. The loyalty server includes an administrative interface for setup and management of campaigns.

Our remittance module enables 3rd party remitters to initiate and complete international transfer payments directly to/from the our Consumer, Business and Merchant Digital Wallet, or at the point-of-sale.

Our Consumer, Business, and Retailer digital wallet provides a range of use cases from a complete Consumer Banking application, Business banking application, and Retailer POS application to use cases for financial service providers, remittance companies, new banks, and existing banks. The solution enables banks, payment service providers, and retailers to easily white-label Apple AppStore and Google Play apps within hours and launch. Features for the digital wallet are managed through Youtap’s administration portal.

For bank-wallet transactions and settlement, and deployment of Youtap POS Applications on existing in-market estates for wallet topups and specified services. Supports ISO-8583 protocol. Also provides the back-end management and provisioning of digital banking wallet-based savings and loan products.

Our point of sale module enables banks and retailers to target this lucrative sector with a range of retail specific features including supply chain and inventory management, sales and cart management, payment processing, re-ordering and credit management, POS terminal management and store management.  The solution is Android and Apple based and runs on any Apple or Android Tablet or Mobile device including Android POS devices.

Youtap’s PCI PA-DSS compliant platform handles Scheme Card and eMoney processing for QR code, NFC, and EMV card transactions.  Our integrated payment processing module enables eMoney Issuers, Banks and Payment Processors to quickly and economically setup, issue and process all types of cards and payment types.

Youtap’s card management module provides the service provider with all the tools they need to issue and maintain credit, debit, and stored-value cards. The solution includes BIN management, card range management, card issuing, black and whitelisting, print management, integration to our Consumer and Business digital wallet application for self-provisioning, ordering, and card management.

The solution provides inApp and portal analytics and reporting.  We turn data into beautiful, full screen dashboards to share and present. Our Apps analyze customer behavior and provide them with inApp spend and save patterns to help decision making.  We provide connectivity to all the data you care about for analysis, reporting, forecasting and decision-making.

The solution provides integrated terminal management for in-store agency banking.  Working with device partners for the management and provisioning of POS devices and POS device software updates.

The solution provides well documented APIs for integration to third party service providers, platforms and applications.

Youtap technology is integrated and trusted by world-leading retailers, transport operators, mobile operators, and banks – environments where security is paramount.

All data is encrypted, all access to data is via sophisticated rules and multi-tiered administration rights.  All changes adhere to the principals of Maker Checker. 

The platform is built on a high throughput microservices-based architecture. The solution allocates system resources based on application and priority. The solution is cloud-based and, as such, can be scaled automatically. Transactions per second volumes are configured based on application to support tens of thousands of transactions.

Based on the cloud, customers pay for what they use.  Modules are turned on and not designed or integrated. Hardware, software and application updates are scheduled and performed automatically. Release cycles are monthly and don’t require downtime.  

Deploy your way, the Youtap Platform delivers the same security, speed and responsiveness from both cloud and on-premise deployments.

The platform is deployed redundantly. In the event of any failure, traffic is routed to other processing servers until the fault is rectified. The solution is load balanced and is scaled based on load. In the event of a data center failure, traffic is routed to other data centers until the data center is back online.

Manage accounts, profiles, features, devices, services, fees, commissions, configurations, security and access control on the Youtap Platform and Youtap Digital Wallet using our White-label portals.

One Digital Banking Platform

One digital banking platform, multiple white-label solutions deployed in the cloud, with applications for consumer banking, business banking, digital wallet, payments and retail point of sale.