Point of Sale devices

Device agnostic

The Youtap Merchant App is designed to run on a merchant’s own smartphone or tablet, and when appropriate or necessary, on a range of smart POS devices.

Point of sale device range

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Supported on all Android and iOS smartphones.

  • Minimal to no cost
  • Easy to download from the Google Play and App stores
  • Easy updates
  • Achieve rapid widespread acceptance

Entry level

Handheld mobile smart POS device.
Technology Partner: MobiIoT

  • Very low cost
  • NFC and QR acceptance
  • Touch screen​
  • Robust build​
  • Versatile​ use cases

Mid range

Hand-held mobile smart POS device with optional countertop cradle.
Technology partner: Ingenico

  • Low cost
  • NFC and QR acceptance
  • Bar-code scanning
  • Large touch screen​​
  • High quality build​
  • Versatile​ use cases
  • Optional countertop base with thermal printer, reader, and charger

Counter-top EMV

Counter-top PCI-compliant mobile smart POS device.
Technology partners: Verifone and Ingenico

  • Value for money
  • NFC, QR, and cards
  • Credit card support​
  • Large touch screen
  • Thermal printer​​
  • PCI Security​​
  • Robust build​

Existing estate

Leverage existing proprietary devices in the market.

  • Maximise existing assets
  • Robust build​
  • Credit card support​
  • Thermal printer​​
  • Secure and trusted​

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