Point of Sale devices

Device agnostic, superior applications for any merchant

Youtap provides its customers with a wide range of EMV and PCI compliant point of sale devices from Verifone and Ingenico, these include the latest range of Android mPOS, biometric and standard POS devices supporting bar code scanning, contactless payments, QR code and traditional and alternative payments.

The Youtap Merchant App is designed to run on a merchant’s own smartphone or tablet, and when appropriate or necessary, on a range of smart POS devices.

The Youtap Merchant App provides customers with standard QR code, EMV and Contactless payment acceptance through to full supply chain, inventory, loyalty, reporting and customer management enabling merchants to provide a full service to their customers from a single device and single App.

Point of sale device range

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Supported on all Android and iOS smartphones.


  • Minimal to no cost

  • Easy to download from the Google Play and App stores

  • CPOC COTS support for Contactless Card Processing

  • Easy updates

  • Achieve rapid widespread acceptance

  • Contactless Mobile and Tablet Support

Entry level

Handheld mobile smart POS device.
Technology Partner: MobiIoT

  • Very low cost

  • NFC and QR acceptance

  • Touch screen​

  • Robust build​

  • Versatile​ use cases

Mid range

Hand-held mobile smart POS device with optional countertop cradle.
Technology partner: Ingenico

  • Low cost

  • NFC and QR acceptance

  • Bar-code scanning

  • Large touch screen​​

  • High quality build​

  • Versatile​ use cases

  • Optional countertop base with thermal printer, reader, and charger

Counter-top EMV

Counter-top PCI-compliant mobile smart POS device.
Technology partners: Verifone and Ingenico

  • Value for money

  • NFC, QR, and cards

  • Credit card support​

  • Large touch screen

  • Thermal printer​​

  • PCI Security​​

  • Robust build​

Existing estate

Leverage existing proprietary devices in the market.

  • Maximise existing assets

  • Robust build​

  • Credit card support​

  • Thermal printer​​

  • Secure and trusted​

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