Youtap ID

Secure your customers, operate with confidence

Launch with confidence and security. We deploy in in the most challenging markets and are accustomed with meeting the toughest regulatory requirements in the industry.

  • Multiple IDs per subscriber and merchant
  • Biometric KYC capture and authentication
  • Merchant device authentication, diagnostics and location tracking
  • AML (anti-money laundering) rules
  • Fraud and credit control
  • Merchant and device management and administration
  • Secure NFC and QR registration, authentication, de-registration, black listing, white listing
  • Encrypted NFC offline stored value transfer for online/offline hybrid transport and prepaid cards

AML • Fraud & Credit Controls • Multi-ID • Secure Encrypted NFC
Biometric KYC • Device Management • Location Tracking


Static and dynamic customer and merchant QR code generation


Safely manage small purchases without PIN entry


PIN authentication securely pushed to subscriber feature phone handsets over USSD


KYC & transaction authentication


Multiple staff IDs for unique, tracked POS login

Issuer & Registration Management

With issuer and registration management, merchants are able to issue cards, tags and wearable devices directly at the point of sale; this reduces costs and scales the distribution, registration and issuance of contactless payment acceptance devices.

Merchant Management

The Youtap ID platform provides merchant management tools to track and manage point of sale devices in the field.

Know Your Customer (KYC):

  • Integrated “know your customer” KYC module
  • Support for biometric fingerprint registration and authentication
  • Conform to “anti money laundering” AML and KYC rules.

Merchant management tools include:

  • Point of sale device management
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Download management
  • Location tracking
  • Usage and transaction reporting
  • Business intelligence tools for analytics and reporting.

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