Monetising mobile money at the point of sale

The Youtap Promotions platform leverages the latest smart multimedia POS screen space to bring rich media counter-top advertising, and targeted campaigns and promotions.

Seamlessly integrating with the Youtap Pay platform, Youtap’s Promotions platform leverages the latest in affordable smart multimedia POS devices to meet the market for rich targeted counter-top advertising and promotions.

Mobile money providers, advertising partners, and merchants can sign in to the cloud-based solution, upload their video or digital media advertisement or promotion, manage the timeframes, display, merchant, and location parameters, and then have the campaign displayed on their network of smart multimedia POS devices.

Customers can view promotions on the counter-top POS devices, and if the promotion supports it, select the promotion and pay for it using Youtap’s Pay services at the point of sale.

All activity related to advertisements and promotions is tracked and reported through the Youtap Promotions platform, including instances of purchase click-throughs.

Youtap Promotions ties together Youtap Pay user details with promotions and purchases to provide detailed reporting on buyer behaviour.


  • A 30 second reel can repeat 120 times per hour, or 1680 times per day, per store
  • Across, for example, 35,000 multimedia devices
  • Each advertiser would receive 58.8 million impressions per day or 21.5 billion impressions per annum
  • The advertising reaches the customer at the point of purchase environment where typically the majority of all purchase decisions are made
  • A distinct advantage over advertising on conventional ATL channels
  • Catching the consumer when they’re in-store, have funds, and have made a decision to make a purchase – the time when they’re most easily influenced

Why would advertisers participate?

  • For large FMCG advertisers in this example market, advertising on this medium would only represent around 1% of their total advertising spend for over 20 billion targeted impressions
  • For a return on their investment, such advertisers would only have to sell around 10 additional products per store per month
  • Considerable brand exposure value
  • The advertising medium is positioned at the point of purchase – the sweet spot where every advertiser wants to be
  • Content can easily fit the advertiser’s promotional cycle which is typically around 6 weeks, with content changing on a regular basis
  • Major advertisers would aim to secure this precious advertising space if only to prevent their competitors from gaining access
  • Click-through oppportunities and insights that are simply not possible with standard display advertising