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https://youtu.be/o9GLM9TxlDQ An innovative and eco-friendly company in Rwanda has chosen NFC-powered ‘tap and pay’ mobile money as the only accepted method of payment for its services. Pikiwash is a new motorcycle taxi wash company in Rwanda that uses a modern, enclosed, semi-automated machine that recycles the water it uses – up to 60 washes. Its eco-friendly technology was developed by MIT researchers, and the business concept was part of the founders’ own university research project. Pikiwash only accepts payment via MTN Rwanda’s mobile money Tap&Pay service, because it simplifies record keeping and fraud management. MTN Tap&Pay is powered by near-field communication (NFC) technology developed by Youtap. A CNBC Africa video here features an interview with Pikiwash’s founder and CEO, Junior Kanamugire, discussing his business idea and the market for his company’s service.