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eMoney vs. Dirty Cash

We are seeing more media articles in South East Asia focusing on the impact of Covid-19 on the exchange of physical money. Contactless payments via NFC and QR codes have grown exponentially, and this has influenced the merchant and consumers not to accept “dirty cash” that may pass on germs. Governments in South East Asia […]

Self-onboarding the gateway to Digital Banking

According to a recent survey by Deloitte* 38% of customers see user experience as the most critical factor when selecting a digital bank. Up to 71% of those surveyed said that digital onboarding was preferred for opening an account. The current onboarding process including KYC or AML is cumbersome, requiring the presentation of physical documentation […]

Capture the digital native, enable self-service digital banking

You have a core banking solution and multiple point solutions connected to your core. Still, you struggle to capture the growing demand of consumer and business customers for self-service applications. You have streamlined your bank, closed branches, and implemented new versions of mobile banking, but still, your customers ring the contact center and complain that […]

Merchant eMoney wallet drivers

As demand for Consumer Payment Apps and the use of eMoney grows, merchants need to become digital. A typical merchant faces the prospect of downloading multiple consumer payment apps to accept consumer eWallet & eMoney payments. A typical merchant should be able to download from the Play Store or App Store a specific Merchant App […]

Where do cards fit with eMoney wallets?

In many emerging markets eMoney wallets have leapfrogged the traditional debit and credit card market. An eWallet is a feature rich app that does more than complete a payment transaction in the store. In South East Asia and emerging markets the relevance of cards have diminished significantly. The overall card penetrations in these markets was […]

Youtap Insights of 2020

New ways of servicing customers Agency Banking: The banking industry went through a significant change and transformation in 2020. COVID-19 has forced banks to look at alternative ways to service their customers resulting in the closure of bank branches globally. Banks have and continue to adopt Digital Agency Banking, providing them with a platform to […]

Banking Apps disrupting traditional banking relationships

3 billion users will have access to banking services via smartphones, tablets, PCs, and other smart devices, according to a study by Deloitte. Digital disruption has arrived in the financial services sector. The traditional relationship between consumers and their local bank is disrupted by applications downloaded from the App stores. Digital Banking applications are now […]

MNO Mobile Money Wallets are struggling to remain relevant

Mobile money has driven financial inclusion with over 1bn mobile money accounts in 95 countries processing over $1.9bn worth of transactions daily. Consumers and SME’s are familiar with the benefits that mobile money provides, but they want more from their service providers. The time has come for the MNO’s to look at what the digital […]

Part 3: Digital Banking Applications is live!

Part 3 of our of 4 Part Series “What is a Digital Bank?” is officially live! In Part 3 of the series, our expert Digital Banking team take you through the different applications and use cases in Digital Banking. Digital Banks make their applications relevant; they address a particular market or aim to provide their […]