Retail conglomerates or large shopping malls want to establish supply chain management, loyalty, and payment infrastructure as a service to their merchants. The white-label retail digital wallet solution provides it all.

Realize the benefits of centralized loyalty and data insights across your merchant base.

Centralize transaction processing, security, loyalty, and data insights while providing your merchants with the sophistication and power they need to manage their business.

Our merchant wallet as a service solution provides merchants with sophisticated merchant applications and tools that enable them to manage their supply chain, inventory, sales, customers, loyalty, and rewards. It provides you with the ability to manage transaction fees and centralize loyalty and rewards across your shopping malls, supermarkets, and retail outlets.

Merchants can access sophisticated reports and data insights while you oversee the real estate, supply, and distribution chains.

Centralised retail processing

Retail conglomerates and large shopping malls are wanting to help merchants grow and expand their business. Centralizing the processing of transactions has comprehensive benefits for the Conglomerate and the Merchant including, lower processing fees, access to sophisticated merchant applications, improved distribution, and access to a loyalty scheme that can be used across the conglomerate’s retail malls, supermarkets, and outlets.

Sophisticated retail applications

Our merchant wallet solution provides the merchant with a wide range of features, including supply chain management, inventory management, sales and customer management, loyalty and rewards management, and interfaces to third-party accounting solutions. The merchant wallet solution is a shop in the pocket application.

Retail payments

Processing for traditional and eMoney acceptance. A wide range of payment types including QR code payments and contactless payment methods.

Our solutions

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