Payment Processors

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Payment Processors

Payment Processors

Youtap has white-label solutions for Payment Processors, Merchant Acquirers, and Retail Chains. Merchants get access to applications and tools for sales, inventory, customers, loyalty, and rewards management. Benefits include centralized loyalty, data insights, and transaction fee management. Youtap centralizes transaction processing, security, loyalty, and data insights, while merchants access sophisticated reports and data insights.

Retail conglomerates and malls aim to assist merchants with business growth by centralizing transaction processing and providing benefits such as reduced fees, advanced applications, better distribution, and a loyalty scheme applicable in all retail locations.

Our payment solution offers merchants supply chain, inventory, sales, customer, loyalty, and third-party accounting features. Our wallet solution is a shop-in-pocket app.

Accepts traditional and eMoney payments, including QR and contactless options.

Retail Insights

Insights that drive digital transformation


19 February, 2024

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15 February, 2024

Traditional Banking, Digitization, and Partnership: Youtap’s Digital [Wallet] Solution

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29 January, 2024

Empowering the Future: Youtap and the Rise of FinTech’s Super App.

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White-label consumer and merchant digital wallet applications that enable you to focus on your go to market.

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