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Payment Aggregation & Processing

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Card Management And Processing

A comprehensive Payments Solution:

Youtap provides a comprehensive payments solution for Acquirers, Issuers, Payment Aggregators and Processors. The technology-based platform provides a wide range of payment processing services to different types of organizations in the payment ecosystem.

white label digital banking solutions
Youtap’s real-time payment switch for Central Banks, Governments, Banks, MNOs, and Fintechs provides integration and real-time switching of Card, eMoney, and Digital currencies. The switch least-cost routes transactions between banks, eMoney issuers, and payment processors.
With e-money licenses being granted by Central Banks globally, e-money issuers deliver their customers the flexibility and convenience of e-money wallets. These cashless digital wallets enable users to benefit from using the digital wallet backed by the central bank to manage their everyday lives.
Establish credit and debit card payment acceptance on any supported device alongside all popular e-money, stored value, and cash payment methods to ensure your customers can pay anyway.
Integrate our loyalty platform into your network and provide your customers with a wide range of customer retention loyalty schemes.
Acquire and aggregate merchants globally. Provide merchants with the POS software they need to manage their business. Our white-label merchant applications, enable merchants to manage inventory, track sales, accept payments and reward their customers
Our White-label solution will help you build your brand and reduce churn. With our “out of the box” cloud delivered solution you can reach your customers in days and not months.
Youtap provides its customers with a wide range of EMV and PCI compliant point of sale devices and applications. We work with the world’s largest POS manufacturers including our shareholder Verifone

Seamless payment

Accept both alternative payments and credit/debit through one service.
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Our One-Core platform provides a wide range of Digital banking and Digital payment solutions. This Omni-channel platform enables banks, payment processors, and retailers to quickly integrate through well document APIs, customize using our White-label portals, and launch service into the market. The Payment processing module can be sold separately or as part of integrated banking, payment processing, and loyalty.
One Omni-channel payment processing solution. With OneCore, you can provide payment processing for all e-Money and Scheme Card transactions. Our PCI-compliant platform will provide processing for e-Commerce, digital wallet, POS, ATM, Remittances, and alternative payments.

Our One-Core platform supports ACH processing with an online, real-time solution for originating and receiving ACH electronic payments.
Enable all types of cards on our One-Core platform. Credit, Debit, Prepaid Cards, both Physical and Virtual Cards. When combined with our digital wallet solution, all cards can be automatically loaded into the digital wallet with support for Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

A seamless experience for
Consumers, Business and Merchants

Brand, Market and Launch with our white-label applications that will transform the Consumer, Business and Retailer experience, find a solution to suit:

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