Loyalty and Rewards

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Loyalty and Rewards

Enhance your customer Engagement with Youtap's integrated promotions and campaigns features for digital payments and rewards

Integrate our loyalty platform into your network and provide your customers with a wide range of customer retention loyalty schemes.
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Youtap's Loyalty and Rewards Solution includes:

Customisable rewards schemes

Turn customers to loyal customers and keep them coming back with tailored rewards programs. Offer a diverse range of incentives across device and loyalty type.  Retailers can use a combination of loyalty and rewards programs to incentivize customers to make repeat purchases, refer friends and family, or engage with the brand through social media or other channels.

Customers earn points for each purchase they make, which can be redeemed for discounts, free items, or other rewards.

Customers receive a percentage of their purchase amount back in the form of cash or credit. Customers can receive cash backs in their digital wallets.

Use coupons as advertisements.  Create coupons for your products and services enabling customers to view these coupons and apply them manually or automatically to their purchase.

Customers receive exclusive discounts, promotions, or access to special events and experiences.

Retailers use data on customer behavior and preferences to create personalized rewards, such as tailored discounts or special offers.

Retailers allow customers to donate points or cashback to charitable organizations.

Customers move up through different levels of membership based on their purchase history, and are rewarded with increasingly valuable perks and discounts.

Attract customers into your stores, target your customers while they’re in your stores with rewards and promotions delivered to their mobile device.  

Reward customers based on the activity performed.  Drive your customers to spend and be rewarded through gamified rewards.  

Retailers may offer free trials or subscriptions to their services or products as rewards.

Retailers use game mechanics such as leaderboards, quests, and challenges to engage customers and keep them interested in the loyalty program.

Attract, reward and then score your customers based on their activities.  This feature enables you to market to these high-value customers e.g. special discounts, cashback, and rewards based on their continued loyalty.

Drive customer to spending redeem their loyalty rewards with Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards and branded Scheme Cards.  Our card management solution enables you to issue and manage these cards.

With the integrated digital wallet and card, customers can make payments using QR codes, White label companion Visa or MasterCard (virtual or physical), and eMoney payments, receiving rewards for these payments in their digital wallet.

Know which campaigns and which merchants are performing best to tailor your loyalty and rewards campaigns.

One Digital Financial Services Platform

One digital financial services platform, multiple white-label solutions deployed in the cloud, with applications for consumer banking, business banking, digital wallet, payments and retail point of sale.

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