Integrate our loyalty platform into your network and provide your customers with a wide range of customer retention loyalty schemes.

Customisable rewards schemes

Turn customers to loyal customers and keep them coming back with tailored rewards programms. Offer a diverse range of incentives accorss device and loyalty type.

Integrated applications for Android Point of Sale terminals, mobile and tablet devices enable merchants to register as agents, download the applications, and either self on board or have the application pushed to their device once approved by the bank.

Our Agent management portal simplifies adding and managing Agents, allowing you to establish KYC thresholds and set cash management limits. An Agent can perform cash in, cash out and float management through our White-label applications.

Agents can perform account opening for new customers, including e-KYC and customer onboarding. e-KYC thresholds continue to be managed by the Bank.

Agents can receive loan repayments. Agents can also process microloans and micro-insurance products on behalf of the Bank.

Agents can provide remittance services, including send and receive wallet services for the Bank. This enables customers to send or receive money through their wallets, including cash in and cash out processing.

Banks receive a wide range of reporting and analytics on merchants, customers and transactions processed.

Merchant can perform the function of processing bill payments on behalf of the customer. Banks can manage bill payees through an online portal.

Allow consumers outside of your ecosystem to partake in campaigns.

Know which campaigns and which merchants are performing best to tailor your loyalty and rewards campaigns.

One Digital Banking Platform

One digital banking platform, multiple white-label solutions deployed in the cloud, with applications for consumer banking, business banking, digital wallet, payments and retail point of sale.