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Youtap's single financial services platform delivers an expansive product set to meet the financial challenges of all financial service providers.


One Platform, Multiple Products

A Digital Banking solution in a Box. All the modules and services you need to launch a Digital banking service.

Branchless banking made easy. Transform your bank and customers with our agency banking and point of sale solutions.
Digitize your remittances. Enable your customers through a send and receive digital wallet and companion card.

Point of Sale and Payment Processing applications for payment processors of all sizes.

Issue, Manage and Process alternative payments and credit/debit through one service.
Customers expect to receive something for their loyalty, reward your customers through our loyalty and rewards solution.
Youtap Complimentary Retail and Agency Banking POS Hardware and Applications.

Youtab Insights

Insights that drive digital transformation


7 July, 2022

Open Banking Not Just A Bunch Of APIs

Traditionally, it has been difficult for consumers to share consistently and securely [sensitive] information with…


23 November, 2022

Defining Customer Loyalty

Technological developments have made [FinTech] companies competitive. This competition has created an environment of innovation,…


16 November, 2022

Digital Wallets and Loyalty

Although digital wallets have been around for a few years, their adoption into mainstream payment…


16 November, 2022

Loyalty Programmes: An Omnipresent  Trend in Digital Wallets.

A pervasive consumer wariness lingers as digital wallets maintain their increasing presence in the digitalization…


6 November, 2022

Loyalty Programmes 101

Loyalty programs have been one of the most prominent business trends of the past few…


31 October, 2022

Digital Wallet 101

Technological developments in big data, data analytics, infrastructure, and mobile devices have enabled fintech industries…


20 June, 2022

Customer-Centric Banking

As digitization changes the nature of products and services offered by the banking and financial…


6 June, 2022

Neobanks driving recovery

During the pandemic, the number of neobank entrants exploded, targeting retail and small-business with their…


28 April, 2022

BaaS and Neobanks

The rise of FinTech has not been an overnight occurrence. Instead, the banking and financial…

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