White-Label Digital Wallet & Co-Branded Debit Card

White-label digital wallet and card Solution

Brand and Launch your digital financial service in weeks not months.

White-label Digital Wallet and Card

Brand your way to success with our White-Label Digital Wallet and Companion Card Solution

In today’s fast-paced digital world, consumers expect access to their money and the ability to make payments from anywhere, at any time. That’s where the white-label digital wallet and companion card solution comes in. This pre-built platform allows businesses to customize and brand the digital wallet to match their look and feel while providing customers with a convenient, secure, and efficient way to manage their money and make payments.


“Satisfaction is a rating Loyalty is a brand."

Our White-label solution will help you build your brand and reduce churn. With our “out of the box” cloud-delivered solution, you can reach your customers in days and not months.
Youtap provides a range of White-label digital wallet applications and solutions:

Summary features of our White-Label Digital Wallet:

Benefits of our White-Label Digital Wallet:

Provide customers with the ability to download your re-loadable digital wallet. Always be in sync with your customers; whether it’s enabling payments, providing them with loyalty, or the ability to download passes to attend events or board your airline, their personalized digital wallet will keep them in contact with your business. No more loyalty cards, the paper passes, coupons or tickets.
Our White-Label Applications enable airlines, retailers, societies, communities, or anyone with a large base of supporters or customers to quickly launch a full suite of branded loyalty, rewards, and digital financial services applications. The solution integrates with existing ticketing, loyalty & financial services infrastructure through well-documented APIs, enabling these providers to extend their current offerings without extensive development and costly investment.
For airlines, sports clubs, and institutions with large customer bases, this solution enables your organization to supercharge its loyalty scheme by offering a digital wallet and companion debit card in place of a less functional plastic card. Integrated loyalty and rewards enable your organization to go to the next level in loyalty offerings for your loyal fans and customers.
Enable your customers to shop in-store and online using their branded virtual or physical branded card. While enabling your customers to receive rewards and discounts for their loyalty, they can use their digital wallet anywhere their Virtual or Physical MasterCard or Visa are accepted globally or using QR Code payments or person-to-person payments.
A digital wallet is reusable and reloadable with integration through APIs to banks, merchants, and MasterCard and Visa. Your customers will always use your brand to manage their everyday life and get rewarded for it.
For organizations that need to provide their customers with a virtual bank account or a temporary place to store funds, e.g., migrant workers, the under-banked, those in need of personalized financial services offerings, including government or support agency cash distribution, this solution is perfect. We provide the APIs to integrate into remittance providers, banks, and government agencies.
Enable your customers to shop and make payments in-store/online with a co-branded Visa card, e-Money, or pay later. There is support for various payment types, including QR Code, Scheme Card, Open or Closed Loop payments. Our integrated payments module and card management system make it easy.
Brand and launch your digital wallet—no lengthy development work. Step 1 add your logo, change the colors and select the features you want to market with. Step 2 use the administration portal to set up your commercial offering. Step 3 Customize your loyalty, rewards, or cashback offers. Step 4 Load your Apps to the Google and Apple application stores. Step 5 Focus on your go-to-market.
Our integrated Loyalty and Rewards management platform enables you to provide rewards, points, and cashbacks to your customers. Customize your offering and launch.
White-label portals with integrated reporting, customer, and management portals.Well-documented APIs for integration to payment networks, banks, e-Money issuers identity services, and regulators.
With Central banks globally investigating and rolling out their Digital Currency, Youtap has designed a solution that enables Central banks to deploy a secure digital wallet solution allowing the population to move to be cashless. The Youtap solution manages all e-Money issuing and has APIs for integration into banks, payment service providers, clearinghouses, and financial service providers.

Please note, the Youtap solution is a software and services solution. We implement this solution in a public or private cloud. Customers are responsible for their own compliance.  Youtap will provide assistance with integration to banks, identity verification providers, card processing companies, cryptocurrency exchanges etc.  We will also provide APIs for integration to third party customer specific solutions.  Youtap’s account management team can provide specific advice and guidance.

In-App digital loyalty wallet with loyalty, rewards and payments

One Digital Financial Services Platform

One digital financial services platform, multiple white-label solutions deployed in the cloud, with applications for consumer banking, business banking, digital wallet, payments and retail point of sale.

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