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Boosting Agri-Profitability: Youtap's Empowering Financial Solutions.

Agricultural Banks

Youtap's AgWallet empowers financial providers in agriculture

Youtap’s platform caters to agriculture needs with crop management, loan management, analytics, and payments processing. It improves financial management and strengthens stakeholder relationships. Youtap is a trusted solution for agriculture financial service providers.

Agricultural Banks, Lenders And Financial Service Providers

Managing every step of the value chain from "Farm to Fork"

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Youtap offers a comprehensive solution for efficient and sustainable agriculture. It streamlines operations, enhances traceability, and optimizes efficiency at all stages. From crop management to supply chain logistics and customer engagement, our solution empowers data-driven decisions and drives profitability. Experience the power of Youtap’s end-to-end value chain management for a better agricultural future.

Farmer sign up, eKYC, verification and account establishment and Farmer Wallet provisioning.

Farmer input, stock purchase or seed acquisition and planting.

A range of eMoney and Scheme card payments for all supplies through the Farmer Wallet

Regular communication between Farmers, Suppliers and Finances through the Farmer Wallet and Social Media messaging.

Farmer advances in the form of inputs, loans and settlement of loan balances.

Crop harvest, stock sales, transportation and sale to the processor.


Farmers can access financial services through a Digital wallet, providing them with finance at their fingertips to support their crops and livelihood.

Help farmers and suppliers connect through a white-label digital wallet. Suppliers can advertise, sell and supply farmers with necessary items like seeds, livestock, and crops. This allows for farmers to have access to what they need at the beginning of the season, and a store to sell their produce at the end of the season.

Farmers can access financial services directly from their mobile device through a digital wallet, providing them with quick and easy access to necessary funds for expenses like feeding and watering crops and sustaining themselves while waiting for their crops to grow.

We help farmers make online and in-store payments using various methods such as eMoney and contactless payments, as well as Visa and Mastercard branded cards.

We help distribute government funds and supplier payments to farmers through cash, eMoney, and Vouchers. Farmers can use these to obtain seeds, stock, fertilizer, and farming tools. We also offer rewards in the form of vouchers, points, and cashbacks to acknowledge their hard work.

“We provide a farm-to-fork solution that synchronizes the financial service provider, farm supplier, and farmer. Our system manages the process from onboarding and eKYC of the farmer to the supply chain for inputs like seed, fertilizer, and fuel. We also track financials, enabling the buyer to manage the harvest.”

Personalized mobile and web portal apps for onboarding and infield use.

Applications and portals for farmers, suppliers, AgriBanks and financial service providers.

Reporting and analytics tailored for farmers, suppliers and financial service providers.

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