Youtap digital banking, integrated ECommerce solution

Ecommerce and Online Payments

Compliment your in store point of sale solution from Youtap with an integrated ECommerce solution complete with White Label Mobile and Online applications.

Ecommerce And Online Payments

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Our White-label solution will help you build your brand and reduce churn. With our “out of the box” cloud delivered solution you can reach your customers in days and not months.
Youtap White-Label Solution
For large retailers, conglomerates, supermarkets, merchants, and businesses looking to sell online. Youtap provides a complete store integrated into its Digital Commerce platform. Create an online store with access to your inventory and supply chain. Enable your customers to select from your storefront, build a cart, check out, pay, and receive your goods. Manage your store, shipping, and returns all from a single website.
Tell your story, write blogs, emails, and newsletters, optimize your searches, enable promotions of products, up-selling, and cross-selling. Our integrated loyalty allows you to offer Coupons, Cashbacks, Points and Rewards, and Gifts.
Our payment processing engine will process all types of payments, including scheme card payments, eMoney, and alternative payments.
Set up shipping, including labels, shipping details, and integration to several global shippers.
All the tools and applications a merchant needs to sell, manage and build relationships with their customers.
Integrated Loyalty and Rewards management enable you to provide rewards and points to your customers, including points, dollars, discounts, and cashbacks.
Documented APIs for integration to payment networks, banks, e-Money issuers identity services, and regulators.All solutions conform to the highest industry security standards

One Digital Financial Services Platform

One digital financial services platform, multiple white-label solutions deployed in the cloud, with applications for consumer banking, business banking, digital wallet, payments and retail point of sale.

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