Merchant Acquirers and Aggregators

Merchant Acquiring, Onboarding and Activation solutions for payment processors globally.

Merchant acquirers and aggregators

Acquiring and Activation for eMoney and Card Processors

Youtap provides eMoney and Card Processing solutions for Merchants and Payment Processors of all sizes globally.

Youtap’s acquiring solution enables merchant acquiring and activation at scale.  The solution includes all of the tools required to onboard, verify and activate merchants.  Applications based on Android and IOS enable acquirers to sign up new merchants, eKYC  and activate these merchants.  Youtap’s applications for eMoney or Scheme Card processing, enable payment processors to provide these merchants with the latest in POS and Android based payment technology.

Our experience across multiple markets puts Youtap at the front of the move from Cash to Contactless payments. 

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White-label consumer and merchant digital wallet applications that enable you to focus on your go to market.

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