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e-Money Issuer and Merchant acquirer

eMoney issuance at the speed of digital, capitalize on the shift from cash to digital.

eMoney Issuing and Processing

e-Money Issuer and Acquirer

With e-money licenses being granted by Central Banks globally, e-money issuers deliver their customers the flexibility and convenience of e-money wallets. These cashless digital wallets enable users to benefit from using the digital wallet backed by the central bank to manage their everyday lives.

The White-label wallet enables e-money to issuers to launch a range of payments for peer-to-peer payments, rideshare, food delivery, cash in and cash out, domestic and international remittance, air-time top-up, and more. Users can access a range of financial services, including lending, insurance, and investment.
Youtap - E-Money Issuer And Acquirer
Youtap - eMoney Digital Wallets

Seamless payment

Accept both alternative payments and credit/debit through one service:

The solution provides configurable routing based on routing tables, this allows operators to route transactions based on destination, origination, time, date and a range of configurable options.

The platform supports payment processing for eMoney issuers, Digital currency providers and Cryptocurrency exchanges enabling optimised routing of transactions through a variety of traditional and digital currency providers and exchanges.

Well documented APIs are provided to integrate with third party ATM, POS gateway and Payment Processing switches.  The solution provides ready to use adapters for ISO 8583 and ISO 20022 and supports web services, HTTPS and customisable APIs.

Youtap’s real-time processing switch provides real-time transaction processing with optimised routing and high transaction throughput.  The solution supports a minimum of 2000 transactions per second (TPS) and has been benchmarked to 8000 TPS.

Youtap provides the tools and applications to enable the e-money issuer to issue an open-loop Mastercard or Visa card, including card management and issuing.
Youtap securely processes e-money transactions through market-leading or Youtap payment gateways, leaving merchants to focus on their businesses.

The platform supports a variety of value-added services and digital banking applications and modules.

A purpose built and customisable solution for acquiring and onboarding merchants.

The solution can be deployed in a private cloud or public cloud configuration.  The solution can be horizontally and vertically scaled and makes use of Kubernetes to quickly scale the processing capability of the platform to support peak transaction loads.  Based on customer requirements the solution offers up to 99.999% service uptime.

Through the administration portal the operator can configure all fees and charges, these can be configured to support specific issuers and acquirers, card holder fees, ATM surcharges, bill payment fees and origination and destination fees.  Flat rate and percentage based fees are also supported along with start date and end dates.

Youtap securely processes e-money transactions through market-leading or Youtap payment gateways, leaving merchants to focus on their businesses.

A purpose built and customisable solution for acquiring and onboarding merchants.Youtap provides skinnable web portals enabling users to view their accounts, transfer funds between accounts or other users, pay bills, and apply for financial services such as loans and savings accounts.

Youtap’s customer management system and administrator management systems enable you to customize and manage your offering and services, including reporting on all aspects of the service.

One Digital Financial Services Platform

One digital financial services platform, multiple white-label solutions deployed in the cloud, with applications for consumer banking, business banking, digital wallet, payments and retail point of sale.

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