With e-money licenses being granted by Central Banks globally, e-money issuers deliver their customers the flexibility and convenience of e-money wallets. These cashless digital wallets enable users to benefit from using the digital wallet backed by the central bank to manage their everyday lives.

The White-label wallet enables e-money to issuers to launch a range of payments for peer-to-peer payments, rideshare, food delivery, cash in and cash out, domestic and international remittance, air-time top-up, and more. Users can access a range of financial services, including lending, insurance, and investment.

Seamless wallet experience

Accept both alternative payments and credit/debit through one service.

  • White-label digital wallet
  • Wide range of payment types including QR codes, Peer to Peer and Contactless payments
  • APIs for integration to Central banks, payment service providers and third party application providers
  • Advanced reporting and data insights
  • Integration to a wide range of Youtap revenue generating cloud delivered applications

Our Real-time e-money processing supports a range of payment types, including QR code payments, peer-to-peer payments, and remittance payments.

Provide Digital Wallets to your customer base enabling users to self onboard themselves, benefit from a Virtual or Physical Debit card and access a wide range of payment options, financial services, and loyalty options.

Provide a range of stored value solutions to the underbanked, seasonal workers, tourists, and nonbanked customers. Users can cash into their wallet from a bank account (ISO 8583 compliant), cash agent, or through the ATM network.

Our APIs provide integration to third-party bill payment clearance providers and mobile airtime top-up providers.

Youtap provides the tools and applications to enable the e-money issuer to issue an open-loop Mastercard or Visa card, including card management and issuing.

Youtap securely processes e-money transactions through market-leading or Youtap payment gateways, leaving merchants to focus on their businesses.

A wide variety of custom and standard reports are provided through the management portal and customer portal.


One platform, multiple white-label solutions deployed in the cloud, with applications for consumer banking, business banking, payments and retail point of sale.