Mobile Operators

Brand and launch your mobile money service in days not weeks.

Youtap empowers mobile operators - with a comprehensive platform for Customer Retention

Youtap’s mobile money platform transforms mobile networks into financial hubs. Offer mobile payments, transfers, and airtime refills to increase income, customer retention, and inclusivity.

Our Youtap Mobile Money Platform provides operators with a financial services solution.

Youtap Mobile Money Wallet features

Allow mobile devices to store, transfer money, pay bills, and make purchases.

Mobile banking services include account management, bill payments, and balance inquiries.

Enable secure transactions through Companion Visa/MasterCards, QR Code, and USSD payments for seamless payments between users and merchants.

Manage customer accounts and transactions compliantly while protecting against fraud and hacking. Gain insights into platform usage and performance with analytics and reporting, delivering a seamless experience for users.

Youtap Mobile Money Wallet benefits

Our platform enables mobile operators to provide financial services to customers in remote areas and increase financial inclusion for those without access.

It simplifies money management by using mobile devices for payments, fund transfers, and financial service access.

Advanced security boosts customer trust in the service by safeguarding their data and transactions.

Youtap is a versatile platform that integrates easily with banking, e-commerce, and back-end systems. It offers new features such as loyalty programs, mobile lending, and flexible payment methods to adapt to the diverse needs of its users.

Empowering Financial Inclusion: Youtap Mobile Money Paves the Way for Economic Empowerment and Digital Financial Access

Customize and launch your rewards program with our platform that provides points, cashbacks, and more to your customers.

Offer your customers closed and open loop services such as payments, cash management, bill payment, and airtime top-up. Reward customers through loyalty points and vouchers. Link Visa/MasterCards for ATM and in-store/online payments.

Offer a variety of financial services such as cash management, remittance, microfinance, insurance, lending, and investment. Connect with third-party institutions using our APIs, and link Visa and MasterCards for ATM and online payments.

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