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Mobile Money Operators

Brand and launch your mobile money wallet and integrated financial services.

Mobile Operators

The White-Label solution enables existing mobile money operators and MNO’s to launch a range of digital banking and microfinance solutions. These solutions extend existing mobile wallet solutions from cash in, cash out, bill payment, and air time top-up to comprehensive digital banking without retiring existing investments.

Mobile Network Operators (MNO) are leading the way to transform underserved people’s financial lives worldwide, providing these people with safe, secure, and affordable financial services through their mobile devices.

We provide these MNO’s with the digital consumer and small business wallet, applications, and services they need to brand, launch and manage financial assistance for their customers.
Introduce new cash management services, including Cash in/out, mobile payments, bill payment, linked bank account, closed-loop, open-loop QR, and NFC payments. Link a companion Visa and MasterCards for access to ATM networks and in-store and online payments.
Provide a range of financial services to your customers, including domestic and international remittance, microfinance services, insurance, lending, and investment. A robust set of APIs provides integration to third-party financial institutions fast and straightforward.
Provide merchants with a digital wallet to manage their supply chain, inventory, sales, and loyalty. Enable street merchants and small shops to experience the power of digital commerce and provide them with the insights and data they need to grow their businesses.

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White-label consumer and merchant digital wallet applications that enable you to focus on your go to market.

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