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Elevate your customer interactions with our cutting-edge financial services solution. Youtap offers a robust and secure digital wallet, complemented by a modern loyalty platform, tailored for forward-thinking financial institutions. Harness the power of our software, APIs, and unique features in Payments, Embedded Finance, and Loyalty. . Join the revolution with Youtap today!

One Platform for Banking, Payments, Merchant Services and Loyalty Applications

Experience the power of streamlined innovation with Youtap's Financial Services Platform. Our Platform provides the foundation for multiple white-label solutions delivering an all-in-one package for Banking, Payments, Merchant Services and Loyalty. Transform the way you engage with your customers, today

Youtap Digital Banking


Banking automation for your existing Core banking solution


White-label digital banking in a box

Mobile Operators

White-label mobile money solutions


White-label financial solutions tailored for Farmers

Financial Service Providers

Solutions to turn your FSP into a Digital bank


Merchant acquiring and payment processing solutions for eMoney and retail processors

Embrace the future with our Digital Wallet & Loyalty Solution

Get future-ready with Youtap's Cloud-based Digital Wallet & Loyalty Solution. Our platform supports diverse payment methods, ensuring a secure and seamless payment experience. Customize our platform to your needs, and let your customers enjoy the blend of convenience, loyalty, and rewards.

white label digital wallet - Youtap

Card management

Youtap digital wallets

Digital Banking

Digital Banking Platform

Digital onboarding

digital payment platforms - Youtap

Digital Payments

digital wallet provider

Rewards and loyalty

Introduce your Customers to the World of Embedded Finance

Embrace the future of banking and embedded finance with Youtap's integrated financial services platform. Streamline operations, improve efficiency, and deliver an exceptional banking experience. Our all-in-one solution combines account management, transaction processing, loan origination, and more, giving you the power to manage your financial institution effectively.

White-Label Digital Wallet & Co-Branded Debit Card

Powerful Solutions and Integrations to Fast Track your Growth

Well-documented APIs for integrating to third-party service providers, platforms, and applications, from core banking systems to KYC services

Smooth and Secure Merchant Services Solutions

Simplify your payment processing journey with Youtap's Real-time Payments Platform. Our solution is designed for open loop and closed loop acquirers and issuers, offering a more efficient way to process payments

seamless payment processing | Youtap

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Insights that drive digital transformation

Embedded finance - Youtap

Embedded Finance with Youtap's Banking as a Service Solution

Step into the future of banking with Youtap's comprehensive cloud-based platform. Our single platform offers multiple applications and APIs to streamline operations, reduce costs, and accelerate time to market. Whether using our applications or integrating your own, we provide flexibility and simplicity in your banking processes. Unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation with Youtap, your one-stop platform for efficient and secure financial services.

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