Establish credit and debit card payment acceptance on any supported device alongside all popular e-money, stored value, and cash payment methods to ensure your customers can pay anyway.

Youtap applications are integrated with leading POS vendors, including Ingenico and Verifone; Youtap applications are PA-DSS certified and enable processing through PCI-DSS compliant networks. Youtap supports all standards for processing, including EMV & PCI-DSS.

Seamless payment experience

Accept both alternative payments and credit/debit through one service.

  • EMV Card Processing
  • Contactless Processing
  • Alternative Payment Processing
  • EMV QR Code Processing
  • ACH Processing

Real-time credit, debit, and alternative payment processing.Integrations to a variety of scheme and alternative payment providers.

Automated clearing house payment processing in real-time for originating and receiving ACH electronic transactions.

Provide a range of stored-value, prepaid, and debit card solutions, including the ability to provide a digital wallet and card to the underbanked, seasonal workers, tourists, and nonbanked customers.

Provide Digital Wallets to your customer base, enabling users. Enable them to self onboard themselves, subscribe to a Virtual or Physical Debit card, and access a wide range of payment options, financial services, and loyalty options.

All the tools and applications a merchant needs to sell, manage and build relationships with their customers.

Youtap securely processes credit/debit transactions through market-leading or Youtap payment gateways, leaving merchants to focus on their businesses.
Full support PCI-DSS compliance.

A wide variety of custom and standard reports are provided through the management portal and customer portal.

One Digital Banking Platform

One digital banking platform, multiple white-label solutions deployed in the cloud, with applications for consumer banking, business banking, digital wallet, payments and retail point of sale.