Banking and Finance

Transforming progressive banks and financial service providers

Bank And Finance

Our multiple application platform enables:

The digital banking solution for banks looking to transform or new banks wishing to establish themselves.
We are helping existing banks of all sizes transform digitally. We provide the tools and applications required to launch a complete digital banking and virtual wallet solution
Our OneCore digital bank in a box enables you to launch your digital bank with a single-core solution. All the software, modules, and applications you need to brand and launch your new bank
Youtap AgriTech provides governments, banks, and financial service providers with the solution to manage, onboard, and KYC farmers
Being data-rich and completely digital means lenders, investors and insurers can adapt quickly to market changes — and customers can get decisions fast.

Banking and finance

Youtap OneCore is a single SaaS based core banking, financial services and payment platform.

Banks and financial service providers of all sizes are able to transform their existing platforms or deploy new digital banking services with limited 3rd party integrations and costs.

We believe that launching a next-generation bank or upgrading existing banking services should be as simple as Understanding Requirements: Branding – Go to Market.

We provide an extensive list of features and applications that customers White-label and launch their digital banking and payment services.

Retail Insights

Insights that drive digital transformation


28 April, 2022

BaaS and Neobanks

The rise of FinTech has not been an overnight occurrence. Instead, the banking and financial…


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Innovation in today’s globalized economy is integral to survival. Innovation and development in key economic…


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Neobanks are changing the financial landscape of Latin America

Africa's transformation to digital wallet technology and mobile money began more than a decade ago.…


16 March, 2022

Why Citi and other big banks are investing in Latin American fintechs

Large banks worldwide are investing more heavily in Latin America's fintech sector. Companies such as…


8 March, 2022


Whereas Africa’s digital transformation began over a decade ago, investors only recently realized Latin America…


1 March, 2022

Fintechs see fresh opportunity in Africa

Start-ups in Africa are becoming magnets for venture capital, but there is concern that innovation…


3 February, 2022


Customarily, the banking and financial industry has designed its businesses to suit a broad client…


2 February, 2022

Diversifying Banking

The rapid growth of banking apps and Neobank’s is changing the conventional face of banking.…


27 January, 2022

2022 – the growth of banking verticals and personalization

2021 closed, and 2022 began. The banking world moved on with more and more banks…

Our Solutions

White-label consumer and merchant digital wallet applications that enable you to focus on your go to market.

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