A simple and secure way to send, receive and store money in a variety of currencies. Our White-label multi-currency wallet will enable your business to act as a receive wallet for multiple remitters and provide your customers with a wallet to store their money and send money internationally.

Real-time remittance

Our white-label digital wallet solutions will enable you to target multiple customer types. Whether you are a remitter or a retailer looking to provide remittance solutions through your network of stores, the solution has multiple use cases including:

  • Seasonal Workers needing a digital solution to store money and send money internationally
  • Underbanked who do not have a bank account but need to send money overseas
  • Frequent Remitters who seek convenience

Self on-boarding

White-label Apple and Android consumer applications accessible through your Play Store or App store with integrated eKYC (know your customer) with electronic sign-up and APIs for integration to ERP, AML/CFT and National Identify providers and configurable KYC thresholds.

Receive money directly into a digital wallet

Accept a wide range of eMoney and traditional remittance types. Use our well-documented APIs to integrate to a wide variety of remitters. Depending on the remittance network, customers will receive funds in seconds.

Send money directly from a digital wallet

Send money wallet to wallet or wallet to bank account. Integrate to multiple remitters and enable these remitters through the wallet. Take the friction away from remitters by eliminating the KYC and paperwork.

Companion card

Provide your customers with a virtual or physical companion card enabling them to access the ATM networks to withdraw or deposit funds into their wallets. Customers can use the companion card to perform instore and online payments.

Applications for Agents

Applications to acquire, manage and enable agents and retailers to act as cash distribution and remittance points including POS applications and downloadable mobile apps with eKYC and biometric authentication.


APIs for integration into multiple remittance rails, payment processors and ERP systems.

One Digital Banking Platform

One digital banking platform, multiple white-label solutions deployed in the cloud, with applications for consumer banking, business banking, digital wallet, payments and retail point of sale.