We are the link between mobile devices
and merchant terminals, giving mobile wallets seamless
connectivity and real-world usability.

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GLOBAL PROVIDER of contactless mobile payments and financial services software enabling consumers with any mobile wallet to ‘tap and pay’ at any point of sale.

REWARDING MERCHANTS AND CUSTOMERS with integrated loyalty and rewards management, driving transaction volumes and growth.

ENABLING MOBILE WALLET PROVIDERS AND MERCHANTS to accept any contactless mobile wallet payment from any device, mobile, card and wearables.

OPEN LOOP cloud based payment acceptance for transportation, retail and banking transactions.



Solutions that drive transaction
revenue growth for mobile wallet

youtap!™ provides a full suite of contactless mobile payments and commerce solutions integrated to the mobile operator, bank or payment service provider mobile wallet solution; enabling consumers to ‘tap and pay’ at the point of sale.

youtap!™ TO PAY – a solution enabling merchants to accept contactless payments for all goods and services through POS and mPOS, integrated to the customer’s mobile wallet.

youtap!™ TO BANK – a suite of mobile banking (G2P, B2P, P2P), remittance, bill payment applications for day to day banking.

youtap!™ TO RIDE – a solution enabling consumers and transport operators to offer and accept ‘tap on’ and ‘tap off’ payments.

Cloud based payment solutions.


youtap!™’s cloud based payment gateway and contactless POS/mPOS applications with integrated loyalty and campaign management enable the transfer of value and information among mobile wallet operators, financial institutions, merchants and consumers. youtap!™’s solutions are deployed on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis.


youtap!™ REWARDS – establish, manage and reward merchants and customers.  Reward your customers with points, discounts and product.  With Youtap’s centrally managed and integrated loyalty module.

youtap!™ MERCHANT MANAGEMENT – add, manage, track and report on merchants and their activity through

youtap!™’s sophisticated operator and merchant portals.

youtap!™ ISSUER – integrated card, wearable and mobile tag registration and issuance module. Enables operators to issue and manage a variety of contactless and non contactless devices.

youtap!™ PROCESSOR – a high volume transaction rating, processing and settlement module.  Enabling operators to set transaction fee pricing, monitor and manage transaction throughput.

youtap!™ CONNECT – API’s for third party mobile wallet providers, retail POS software companies, bank and payment processors wanting to connect their solutions to the point of sale.

youtap!™ ANALYTICS – integrated ‘big data’ analytics enabling collection of transaction and statistical data and reporting module.  Operators can quickly sort, analyze and report on large volumes of transaction data, enabling targeted advertising, customer acquisition and growth initiatives.





youtap!™ have teamed up with Verifone the global leader in POS technology to bring mobile money to the world. Verifone Mobile Money is a Verifone and Youtap Joint Venture – offering a complete mobile money solution for mobile payment providers.

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