Build a successful retail-enabled mobile money service

The Youtap Pay platform, is a contactless and non-contactless point-of-sale payment processing platform for mobile money wallets, with PCI-compliant card and scheme card payments, and integrated loyalty management.


The Youtap Pay platform enables your mobile money or stored value wallet users to tap and pay or have cards accepted at the point of sale.

With an easy way to pay, mobile money users then keep funds in their mobile money wallets rather than cashing-out as the payment experience is significantly faster than a mobile money transfer, and more secure than cash.

Using an NFC phone, NFC-tagged mobile phone, NFC wearable, NFC card, QR code, or EMV/MSR companion card consumers can use their mobile money wallet to pay for in-store goods and services, transport, online purchases, and pay bills at any enabled merchant with fit-for-purpose mPOS or POS acceptance terminals.

Mobile Money Retail Enablement by Youtap
— The Missing Link


Simplifying the complex

The Youtap Pay platform simplifies a complex mobile money payment environment through:

  • Fast frictionless tap and pay transactions
  • Fit-for-purpose POS and mPOS terminals
  • NFC and biometric KYC registration
  • Payments initiated at POS
  • Support for legacy POS networks

Meeting a need

The Youtap Pay platform has what mobile money providers need:

  • Increases the number of mobile money users transacting at POS
  • Grow a cost-effective micro merchant network
  • Customer device agnostic (smart phones, feature phones, wearables, QR codes, cards)
  • A real value proposition for users

Case Study: Telkomsel

Mobile network operator Telkomsel Indonesia, the largest mobile operator in South East Asia, introduced TCash Tap to merchants across Indonesia, allowing Telkomsel’s more than 140m subscribers to tap and pay using any mobile device.


The Youtap Pay platform provides merchant management tools to track and manage point of sale devices in the field.

Merchant management tools include:

  • Point of sale device management
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Download management
  • Location tracking
  • Usage and transaction reporting
  • Business intelligence tools for analytics and reporting.


The Youtap Pay customer management portal enables operators to process registrations of new users and service existing users.

With issuer and registration management, merchants are able to issue cards, tags and wearable devices directly at the point of sale; this reduces costs and scales the distribution, registration and issuance of contactless payment acceptance devices.

Know Your Customer (KYC):

  • Integrated “know your customer” KYC module
  • Support for biometric fingerprint registration and authentication
  • Conform to “anti money laundering” AML and KYC rules.


Reward merchants and customers using Youtap Pay loyalty, reward and promotion management tools.

Collect and sort large volumes of transaction data to report on and construct loyalty campaigns that target the right customers and encourage increased usage.

Loyalty, reward & promotion management tools include:

  • Track customer expenditure for service providers and merchants
  • Offer rewards based on points, discounts, gift vouchers and coupons
  • Target promotions and campaigns based on customer usage and profiles

Rich API's

The Youtap Pay platform includes a suite of rich API’s for third party mobile money wallet and mobile banking integration and third party payment switches and gateways.


Youtap Pay incorporates companion card processing, integrating with acquiring networks via ISO8583, PCI compliant interfaces and applications.

Releasing a complementary Visa or MasterCard attached to the mobile money account brings a number of benefits to users and also increases usage:

  • Your mobile money users can pay in any store where Visa and MasterCard are accepted
  • Your mobile money users can use their card around the world
  • Your mobile money users can pay online


Youtap Pay card processing enables a mobile money provider to leverage their point-of-sale footprint by accepting card and contactless transactions issued by banks and bank-aligned wallet providers:

  • PCI Compliant card and scheme card payments
  • Extend the payment options offered by your merchants
  • Maximise the value of your point-of-sale footprint

Youtap Pay card processing solution can be delivered through the cloud or in a secure PCI compliant data centre provided by the mobile operator or bank.


Youtap Pay platform enables mobile money providers to become the preferred way to pay for public transport – a daily required service:

  • Tap on / tap off payments (prepaid, credit or stored value)
  • Fit-for-purpose POS and mPOS acceptance devices
  • Immediate offline/online payment processing
  • Reduce cash and queues and provide a safe, secure service for transport operators

Transport - the next frontier

Public transport services, particularly at the tier-2 and tier-3 level (buses, short buses, minivans, taxis, jeepneys, pedicabs, rickshaws, motorbike taxis), are a major opportunity for mobile money operators to provide fit-for-purpose contactless point of sale payments.


Youtap provides applications for traditional POS and mobile POS (mPOS) terminals. These applications enable merchants to offer a wide range of mobile money retail payment, transportation and banking applications designed to change the way consumers buy, pay and bank at the point of sale.

Youtap is payment acceptance device agnostic.

Youtap utilises a range of fit-for-purpose mPOS, Smart POS, mobile apps, and POS terminals, supporting both legacy installed-base devices and newly installed devices.


Youtap uses mPOS terminals covering the full range of payment types from NFC contactless devices through to EMV and MSR cards.

Youtap’s secure mPOS applications accept and process a wide range of mobile money and banking payment types including merchant payments, bill payments, deposits and withdrawals, airtime top-up, and domestic and international remittances.


Smart POS terminals combine the security and reliability of a traditional terminal with the unlimited versatility of a smartphone in a connected, multi-purpose device. Youtap uses affordable Smart POS terminals that accept all payment methods including NFC, EMV, MSR and QR codes, enabling tier-2 and tier-3 merchants to have the capabilities of tier-1 merchants.

The Youtap Promotions platform leverages Smart POS terminals to bring rich media counter-top advertising, and targeted campaigns and promotions to the point of sale.


Youtap’s mPOS applications are open and secure and can be downloaded from the major app stores.

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Youtap’s tokenised POS applications enable the POS terminal to accept and process a wide range of mobile money and banking payment types including merchant payments, bill payments, deposits and withdrawals, airtime top-up, and domestic and international remittances.

Youtap supports all major POS vendors, including Verifone, Ingenico, PAX and Weipass, with API’s available for third party POS terminal providers.



Youtap fully supports all NFC mobile devices with integrated HCE and Android 4.4+ operating systems. Customers with an operator or bank supplied mobile wallet on an NFC device can make payments through the Youtap’s POS solution. Youtap fully supports payments via the cloud or TSM based mobile money wallet solutions.


Youtap enables customers with operator-branded contactless NFC tags to make mobile money wallet payments via POS. Card management is via the Issuer & Registration Management tools supplied by Youtap.


Youtap fully supports customers making mobile money wallet payments via contactless NFC wearables at the POS. The NFC chip is used to trigger the mobile money wallet in the same way that a contactless card or NFC tag triggers the payment. Users can associate their wearable to their mobile money wallet account through the merchant application supplied by Youtap.


Youtap supports customers making mobile money wallet payments via operator-branded contactless cards, credit or debit cards and loyalty cards.

A successful retail-enabled mobile money service