Youtap Pay

Pay anywhere with mobile money

Real-time transaction processing platform for contactless NFC and QR code mobile money payments.

NFC • QR codes • Mobile money • Stored value • Airtime • Cards
Carrier-grade • ISO8583 • Any POS device • Any mobile device

Go beyond cash in / cash out

Real-time NFC and QR code point of sale payment transaction processing for:
mobile money and airtime, transport, stored value, cards, loyalty, and remittances

  • Bridge the gap between the point of sale – in-store, street, kerb-side, and transport – and mobile money wallets
  • Contactless mobile money and stored value “tap and pay” and QR code payments using any mobile device
  • Process offline, online and hybrid transactions
  • Mobile money payment transactions in a few seconds, not minutes
  • Process scheme cards and wallets for banks in emerging markets
  • Patented technology for internationally remitting money directly into wallets at the point of sale, and retrieving international remittances at the point of sale
  • Enable the point of sale receipt and redemption of promotions, rewards, donations, and government vouchers
  • Integrate with bank switches to extend the mobile money and stored value acceptance footprint across existing point of sale networks
Youtap Pay – Retail Enablement module

NFC and QR code point of sale retail enablement services for e-money/mobile money and airtime.

With an easy way to pay, mobile money users then keep funds in their mobile money wallets rather than cashing-out as the payment experience is significantly faster than a mobile money transfer, and more secure than cash.

  • Enable any mobile money customer using any mobile device to tap and pay and QR pay at any merchant
  • Bridges the gap between the point of sale – in-store, street, kerb-side – and mobile money
  • Device and network agnostic, integrating with all POS, mobile device, and wallet technologies
  • Complete mobile money transactions in a few seconds, not minutes
  • Built upon 20 years of real-time transaction processing R&D
  • Highly scalable, resilient processing

Case Study: “MoMo Tap” launch by MTN Cote d’Ivoire

  • Merchant payments
  • Cash in (including to someone else’s account)
  • Cash out
  • Give back change
  • Airtime topup (including someone else’s account)
  • Airtime e-vouchers
  • Donations
  • Merchant payments for specific items (e.g. in-store combo deal)
  • Merchant payments for digital items (e.g. content, gift cards)
  • Merchant payments in specific stores only (e.g. Welfare)
  • Bill payments
  • Micro finance
Youtap Pay – Cards module

Closed and open loop companion cards; prepaid and gift cards; card processing service.

  • Issue closed loop online/offline mobile money companion cards
  • Offer open loop Visa and MasterCard companion cards attached to the mobile money account
    • Pay anywhere Visa and MasterCard are accepted
    • Buy online
    • Make in-app purchases, e.g. taxi apps
    • Make payments internationally
Youtap Pay – Transport module

Mobile money and stored value public transport acceptance solution for formal Tier 1 to informal Tier 3 public transport services.

  • Tap into a necessary daily service with a hybrid offline/online mobile money payment solution for Tier 1 to Tier 3
  • Enable mobile money and stored value wallet acceptance at Tier 1 gate and reader infrastructure
  • Rollout equivalent mPOS acceptance for informal Tier 3 transport services
  • Diversify into parking, toll roads, vending, in-store
  • Seamlessly transfer mobile money wallet funds to hybrid online/offline balances via any merchant
  • NFC tags, phones, cards for tap once and tap on/off payments
  • Fleet management: Grouping/clustering, location/tracking, device activation
  • Security management: PIN code/screen lock setup, consistency check, lock/unlock
  • Life cycle management: Settings update, application management, trigger application
  • A combination online and offline payment method that uses the same NFC tag, card, or phone as the payment interface at the merchant point of sale
  • Two distinct account balances – an online balance and an offline balance; online balance is only accessible for online payments and likewise the offline balance
Youtap Pay – Direct Carrier Billing module

Enable small payments for digital and physical content to be charged against mobile accounts and hybrid mobile money accounts.

  • Prepaid & Postpaid
  • Volume and value limits
  • Two-factor authentication
  • No registration or software required
Youtap Pay – Social module

Mobile money transfers/payments via messenger platforms; establish relationships at the point of sale.

Mobile money transfer and payment messenger bot

  • Facebook Messenger
  • WeChat (Coming soon)

Establish subscriber-merchant relationships through POS transactions

  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
  • WeChat
  • Alipay/Alibaba (Coming Soon)
  • Go-Jek (Coming Soon)
  • Grab (Coming Soon)
  • Ebay (Coming Soon)
  • Other custom social/web platform
Youtap Pay – Loyalty Acceptance & Digital Media Advertising modules

Issue and accept promotions and loyalty schemes at the point of sale; engage with digital media advertising at the point of sale.

Reward merchants and customers for accepting, and paying, with mobile money at the point of sale

  • Close the loop on loyalty and coupon programs
  • Real-time reconciliation
  • Drive customers in-store with targeted promotions
  • Triggered by NFC taps and QR code scans
  • Support all merchant and customer devices
  • Enable merchants to issue gift vouchers and coupons
  • Issue and accept government vouchers (e.g. for gas bottles, rice)
  • Accept government funds in approved stores
Youtap Loyalty Platform

For Youtap’s full loyalty solution, discover the Youtap Loyalty platform

  • Promotion campaign management for discounts, coupons and gifts
  • Additional modules for loyalty programmes, donation management, welfare disbursement management, and digital media advertising
  • Time of day, time of week, one-off, recurring, random, single-use, multi-use promotions
Digital Media Advertising
  • Monetise the point of sale
  • Leverage the latest in affordable smart multimedia POS devices to meet the market for rich targeted counter-top advertising and promotions
  • When promotions support it, customers can touch, tap or scan them to store them
  • Present mobile operator rewards such as airtime and data
Youtap Pay – Remittances module

Send and receive international remittances at the point of sale.

Incentivise the funding of mobile money accounts through international remittances landing directly into mobile money wallets

  • Send money internationally from POS to in-country wallet user
  • Send money internationally from POS to in-country non wallet user
  • Receive money in-country at POS as non wallet user (tokenised)

Case Study: Digicel Pacific Mobile Money – international remittances from the point of sale, direct to mobile money wallets

Youtap Pay – Security+ module

Additional security services to meet specific environmental standards and bank and credit card processing requirements.

ISO 8583 Support.

Software Security Module (SSM)

AES encryption & Tamper detection

Youtap Pay supports any customer device

NFC Tags

NFC tags for any non-contactless phone. CMRFID, NTAG, Mifare, Felica.

Mobile Apps

Smartphone HCE and QR code app, alternatively integrated into existing customer app


NFC wearable wristbands, rings, fobs. CMRFID, NTAG, Mifare, Felica.


NFC, EMV, and mag-stripe MasterCard and Visa companion cards


Biometric fingerprints, in-app or on supported POS devices

Youtap Pay supports any merchant device

We're a payment processor

Our software solutions enable processing of mobile money closed and open loop transactions at the point of sale using any device.

100% device agnostic

We have merchant apps and applications for all leading manufacturers of smartphones, smart POS, micro POS, mPOS, and traditional POS.

Leverage in-market POS

We also integrate our software with in-market POS device software to leverage the existing footprints of merchant acquirers.

Static QR


Smart POS

Micro POS

Mobile POS

Traditional POS

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