Will You Create the Next Big Digital Wallet?

Brand and launch your digital financial service in weeks not months.

Will You Create the Next Big Digital Wallet?

New Zealand & Australia
Need a Digital Wallet Solution

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Digital Wallets are not only the future of payments but the future of centralising information, loyalty schemes, smart marketing & more. New Zealand and Australia need a tailored Digital Wallet- Will it be you who brings this to market?

The mobile phone is the most convenient transaction medium for banking and financial services applications. The mobile wallet enables loyalty and rewards on a grand scale, it also enables open and closed loop payments, companion Visa and MasterCards, depositing, withdrawing and transferring money to and from a secure, stored-value account within a financial service provider’s network.


Redefine your Loyalty Program White-label and Launch

We provide loyalty and financial service providers globally with the infrastructure and expertise to launch a mobile first digital wallet application into their target market. We provide the white-label services, APIs and deployment expertise to make your launch a success.

Loyalty and rewards providers globally, large brands and financial services are redefining their customer interaction and increasing their customer loyalty.

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Will You Create the Next Big Digital Wallet



Digital Wallets are a Game Changer

Why you should use a Digital Wallet as part of your offering.

A digital wallet is more secure than your physical cards and wallets because your actual account numbers are stored within the digital wallet, it is converted into a unique code via encryption.

If you lose your physical wallet someone immediately has access to your cards and personal information like a drivers licence while access to a digital wallet is protected by several layers of authentication via your phone & apps.

Continually engaging with the customer and understanding their profile is key. Businesses can access additional tools to run and grow their business, detailed analysis of what is selling, how much they are buying, and the demand for their products in a geographic area. By offering loyalty benefits, the business can reward frequent shoppers and give infrequent shoppers an excuse to return.
Digital Wallets offer an extremely low cost of implementation compared to a traditional banking core. They provide a fantastic app experience with beautifully designed applications offering customers features such as in-app sign up, virtual cards, spend and save tools, analytics of expenditures and in-app access to various micro-financial services.

Organisations such as Alipay, WeChat and challenger banks Revolut, N26, and Monzo all profess the benefits of launching services based on real-time digital processing core. Innovation on these digital cores has been fast and effective. Each of these banks and payment service providers grows their customer bases in record times while gather massive data on their customers bases through referrals and rewards rather than through expensive marketing campaigns.

Mobile banking apps which focus on a convenient way to access an existing bank account and view your balances, make payments or transfer funds, just don’t cut it. A digital wallet provides a feature-rich, intelligent companion that goes beyond delivering one-way interactions and evolves into your being personal banker.
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White-label Digital Wallet Features

Launch Your Own Digital Wallet

Brand and launch your digital financial service in weeks not months.

One Digital Financial Services Platform

One digital financial services platform, multiple white-label solutions deployed in the cloud, with applications for consumer banking, business banking, digital wallet, payments and retail point of sale.

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